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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhhh ahhhh!!!! This has intrigued me greatly. It has intrigue on top of intrigue. Very interesting. Keep your enemies close and all that jazz. The princess seems like she has the potential to be a total bad@$$, fingers crossed. The prince from Ven must be onto something when he holds the princess against her will; to trust him? Hmmm. And that other prince seems like an eager opportunist to take over the island. I really don't trust him one bit. Arts lovely. Need more backstory. Next ch. please
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
Really fun plot! No smut in the first chapter, but I really liked female MC -- she's kind but not a pushover! And the "proud wolf" lead guy is super hot lol! Worth the points imho
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Waaaaaaah! It's my favourite Mangaka Touko Ikura samaaaaaaaaa T.T i'll give an Automatic 5star for this!. I've been longing to read more manga from this Author and it's finally heeeeeere T.T this really made my day Waaaaah! Thank you so so much erenta for bringing this one here! I love the first chapt Alreaddddddddy! Look this Art, It's gorgeous as always and the story looks promising but this one is delish!! It's really Interesting!! Ohmygaaaawd! I cannot wait for moooooore!!!
Bookworm Rating
Wow the artwork is just--oh my God. And the character design. Wow. I get final fantasy vibes. Its rare to see love mangas in renta on a fantasy setting so this stands out in that department since most love Mangas here are office/slice of life. One of my favorite part about this manga is the female lead. She's depicted as a strong character without needing to be one of those cliché unrealistic fighter females. Her reaction to situations are realistic as well. Her facial expressions are drawn so well. The male lead is this bad ass yet romanticist guy that still remain masculine you can't help but fall in love with. His character design especially his eyes definitely makes him stand out from most male leads here in Renta. This is one of those rare Mangas where i don't just read for the smut but for the interesting plot. Can't wait for the next chapter.
artemis Rating
I'm so happy this got translated! I love this story so much. The perfect mix of fairytale and love manga.
Mangareader Rating
The art and characterization in this are truly great. I actually had a dream where I looked at my phone and it said "new chapter!". But obviously since it wasn't released yet that was all there was to it. Can't wait for more!
natsumejade Rating
Although I'm the type to hardly ever leave any reviews, I decided to make an exception this time around, and actually take some time to write a review. Despite the relatively good reviews, I still had my reservations about the series. However, the series completely exceeded my overall expectations. The concept is great as well as the characters, especially the ML. For those who were already intrigued by the summary, I really recommend that you at least read the first chapter.
Arzella Rating
I like how different the concept is. Also, the art is very pretty. I cant wait for more updates.
JackalArrow Rating
How did I just find out about this manga now?? This is awesome. Pretty art, steaming hot snu snu, great romance, non-bullshit actually intriguing plot line, and interesting characters beyond the two main leads. Even without the smut, I'd read this manga as a romance/historical story. Can't wait for the next update!
Strick Rating
Nice read, good art, handsome ML.
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