User Reviews For: Starting a Misteress Contract with a Childhood Buddy


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Blluevaz Rating
Read the first chapter and WOW?! I'm actually pleasantly surprised by a few things: the couple is cute together; they have a refreshing relationship based on trust and caring about each other; I love the implicit AND explicit consent! Testuji gives Tachiro every chance to say no or change his mind, and that is SO REFRESHING! I'm really excited for the series to continue with this funny reversal of a classic genre staple.
garnetCROW Rating
All I gotta say is: Thank You, Mike!!
SadAsian Rating
Super cute! I love the story and the characters are well designed
JenRT Rating
Sweet and sexy! The initial premise is a bit silly, but the characters' motivations for the contract actually make more sense the more you learn about them. The art is good. There is a panel where one is leaning on his hand looking at the other with half-closed eyes that is so sexy I kept going back to look at it. Also, there was one line that made me laugh out loud more than usual when reading manga. The sister says it. If you read this, see if you can guess which it was.
ebookrenta03b2d97ri Rating
The first chapter is pretty funny and is has some sexy scenes as well. Definitely excited to read more.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Hahaha oh man that first chapter was great. I can't wait to learn more about them and see what happens. The humor, and the innocent “kid” haha.
0hRa30h Rating
They're both adorkably sweet, naive & needs a good load of self-confidence booster. And Nao's such an understanding and supportive sister. It was an enjoyable read; sat down & read all 5 chapters in one sitting.
StoryLover Rating
Really great. A cute love story. I liked the MCs and their relationship is so sweet and real. Just wish it was a little longer! In these types of stories, you don't usually get to see what happens after they get together, which is a real shame. Other than that, I really enjoyed it!
ikemenkyatcha Rating
Loving this story so far! Art style is superb and love the childhood friends concept. It's quite funny and the misunderstandings are pulling at my heart, but overall it is quite cute and innocent kind of love between the main characters. I look forward to what happens next!
mizore Rating
LMFAOOOOO I love how funny the story is! Especially the 'Mike' who guarding the door lolThe one I feel lacking is the quality of the art, sometimes they looks good but other time the anatomy is a bit lacking, or the characters look different. Unstable.
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