User Reviews For: Starting a Misteress Contract with a Childhood Buddy


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Blluevaz Rating
Read the first chapter and WOW?! I'm actually pleasantly surprised by a few things: the couple is cute together; they have a refreshing relationship based on trust and caring about each other; I love the implicit AND explicit consent! Testuji gives Tachiro every chance to say no or change his mind, and that is SO REFRESHING! I'm really excited for the series to continue with this funny reversal of a classic genre staple.
garnetCROW Rating
All I gotta say is: Thank You, Mike!!
EmTheHooligan Rating
Hahaha oh man that first chapter was great. I can't wait to learn more about them and see what happens. The humor, and the innocent “kid” haha.
Talika42 Rating
Super funny and I love where it is going, I live for the pining while fucking
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