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TomatoKah91 Rating
It's full of drama, I'm full of uncertainty (as to where this story is going plot wise) and the suspense is killing me! It's captivating, pulls at the heart strings and leaves me eagerly waiting for more.
Lulu1112 Rating
Guy with multiple boyfriends ends up falling really hard for one in particular, Tora. Not going to lie, I hesitated picking this one up because I hate infidelity storied but at least Masami makes it very clear to Tora that he has multiple relationships. And Tora...Tora is the sweetest boyfriend ever. I actually cried because of how unconditional his love is. Also love there's kind of a gap moe there with his looks/personality that I am ALL FOR. Also really liked the crossdresser boyfriend - I hope he gets a story of his own. Not typically what I read, but its different from what I expected.
animepie Rating
I'm kinda glad that all these reviews convinced me to give this a shot. I was apprehensive about the story because I am not a fan of cheating but I can say I enjoyed it. In a lot of ways, it was heartwarming, complicated, and tense. The story really hammers in that the characters aren't perfect. They're not bad people nor are they completely good people. But they can be facing each other equally. That part in Tora's backstory really left an impression on me. I am so fond of the crossdresser boyfriend so I only want their happiness. I really don't like the super jealous boyfriend but if Masami seemed to like him, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. At this point, the story doesn't seem to be concluded so I'm excited and scared of what will happen next.
Lulu Rating
Fellow DILF hunters, look no more. Masami is here to satisfy your reading needs. Please read this one! The premise isn't exactly the sort of thing I'd typically be into, but it got me hooked anyway. Really cute story with a lot of drama and suspense. Also fills that hot old man content need, so I mean... Masami is one of the sweetest characters ever and Tora is an absolute delight. Their dynamic is great. Nice and sweet!! Very much looking forward to the rest of this!!
Ollie89 Rating
Good story! The art is great. Can't wait to see where this is going.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!! So glad I read this. It's not really cheating since Tora has always known about Masami's other bfs. It just sucks that it took 10 years for Masami to realize that Tora was always enough for his lonely soul. It's nice that it took only two chapters for him to get it lol!!! Drama galore but it was addicting!!! I seriously told myself ok one more and I'm done. But I was never done!!! Not until the very last chapter for their HEA!! Arts not to my liking but the story is so good!!!
maria Rating
It is getting more and more interesting
kyokobaby Rating
Full disclosure: This type of story and the level of drama (jealousy, violence) is not my usual preference, BUT the lovely art first drew my attention, and then the characters sucked me in further, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a bit more drawn to more comedic elements in my mangas but this is still worth reading and I'm sure I'll reread it, too! (Depending on the ending, of course!)So the 4 stars means I recommend but with caveats :)
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Seriously one of my favorites on here! It is romantic, steamy, full of suspense and you just never know what's gonna happen. The characters are great and complement each other well. It really is just a fantastic story so far!
OldtakuNoshoujou Rating
This manga is very unique and very interesting in the plot and it unfold. This will keep me follow it till the end
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