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dirtyangeltoes Rating
I read it all in one go! In my opinion, it was absolutely worth every penny. It's sexy, raunchy, filled to the brim with smut...but also full of love. The art is gorgeous and adds to the charm and smuttiness of what you're reading. It's basically wholesome yaoi that fills your heart. The plot is actually pretty unique for a yaoi, and (thankfully) there's no major drama or angst like many yaoi tend to force on you. It's just filled with a demon that is completely smitten with the gay MC, who's never experienced romance before and desperately wanted to fall in love. Thankfully, he's got a demon willing to 'fill' that role for him... along with other things, hehe. Definitely worth a read if you have the time!!
b4n4 Rating
GORGEOUS smut scenes. A sweet story between a closet gay and a demon who eats words. The demon's powers were an interesting and weird concept; it's kind of thrown at you and just got to accept it and not think about it too deeply. Maybe a weird interpretation on my end, but in the midst of his confession he recalled the demon as a child, maybe to signify that he unknowingly fell in love with him from the start? But it was a bit strange to me. Anyhow, breezing past that moment, at the end of it all these two are cute together and have the 'my one and only' love which is heartwarming.
kyourine Rating
The story comes off as a little lackluster--not a lot of conflict and some background details are not fully explained--but the combination of fluff and smut does not disappoint. Not for people who prefer plot-heavy material, but rather for people who just like watching adorable couples being adorable and getting it on.
MeryK Rating
HIGHLY recommend this. its a short read u can finish in one sitting but it didnt feel TOO short. Central conceit is very simple and no conflicts are dragged out. mostly this is just cute fluff but with incredibly hot sex scenes. Filthy yet full of affection and affirmations of love. Shiro (yes she named him "white" lol) is SO beautiful and sweet. he doesnt feel like a standard Top u get in these stories, meanwhile Makoto is very soft but he still doesnt feel like a bland archtype of the bottom in the relationship but more like a shy awkward kid whose still figuring out who he is. and thats in part because he feels uncomfortable with expressing his sexuality still. (when he said he worried he wouldnt be able to find love cuz of his being gay i got really misty eyed. cause i sure know how That feels) Anyway, Sakana Tojo ends her beautiful manga by calling herself a Sappy Sloppy Slow Moving Safe Romance Fetishist and thats really all you need to know about what to expect out of this.
Noctem47 Rating
I rented and then i had to buy it. Like others have said before, its smut and fluff. Nothing heavy and serious here. Just a sweet loving couple. The word eating demon part was new and interesting, I liked it.
Fairy231 Rating
Definitely great smut scenes, you can feel the chemistry with the main characters. I agree with the other review that it's not plot-heavy, and doesn't really go into the background of how Shiro (the demon) came to be. The reason for the 3 stars is the light NTR theme here (with the friend) - I can't ever get used to it no matter what amount. Didn't think it was necessary to make him suffer since he wasn't such a bad guy - just didn't have the right timing or the right words. Overall, a very smutty read.
mango Rating
This was so fluffy and hot! I love how consensual and safe they were. Also, that extra story was HOT.
xiasini Rating
I could read this thousands of times, it was amazing!
asbedoca Rating
This mangaka an this manga are now one of my favourites in my hole life. You MUST read it, they're so adorable, this is my romantic relationship fantasy ?
beowulfslayer Rating
Wholesome and cute periodt
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