User Reviews For: We Started From Living Together [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Niyuar Rating
I'm glad I only rented this one. I really didn't like how the protagonists in the main story viewed women. So sexist and disrespectful. They were quite cute with each other, I guess. But I didn't get why they fell for each other even though the author tried to explain in the last chapter (I don't mean the extra chapter).The oneshots were kind of creepy and twisted - not for me. And I don't mind the crying guy. I didn't like the one faking his tears. Well, if you are interested I recommend to rent first!
Daekin Rating
I enjoyed it, if only for funzies. Dont expect anything moving or groundbreaking, or even much smut. I've read much worse, and even written worse myself. First story was the best, but uses the awkward shut-in semi-otaku trope with the guy whose into big boobs and maids getting together with the popular guy whose into the doting, submissive wifey type. Kinda cliche but still a fun read. Second story was also not bad, but I didn't really get into the characters or the general "plot". Third story was just sort of a sadistic fetish in a general story form, and neither character was really into the other, so I didn't really like it as much. Art was good all around in any case.
fionav3 Rating
This is not worth the read. Even by Yaoi standards it's weird and makes no sense. And the side stories are dreadful. Steer clear.
Misheru Rating
3 stars cause the main story is alright.The extra stories are not that great. But overall I couldn't say it was a bad read. I might even read it again if I was bored.
Seranwrap99 Rating
I think the stories are interesting in their own way. In the first story the protagonist has some pretty misogynistic views but I still found the couple to be interesting and enjoyable. The relationships in the other two story's are kinda unhealthy but I liked the twist of the second and both stories were original (to me at least). In terms of steamy scenes, the first story has quite a few, the second story has none, and the third one has a couple, but there isn't any romance (if that's what you're looking for) it's more sadistic.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Not the best. I'd honestly avoid it. No plot, no real smut...just not that great. Nothing really was explained properly or made sense.
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