User Reviews For: Anyone! I Don't Care who... Sleep with Me!! -The Hot Student Council Vice Pres. who Only Gets Hit on by Bottoms-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!!! More please!!! Seiji is hilarious!!! I love him! He's a bottom that only gets hit on by other bottoms!! He's definitely in a predicament here. Will he ever lose his vCard? His best friend/dorm mate Tono is straight, but could he be seeing Seiji in a new light? Who needs labels?! Toss 'em out already!! And this cliffy is so good. We Seiji be reunited with his former middle school teammate and crush? Will this be a love triangle? I need the next chapter pronto!! This story is so refreshing :)
Cygnus Rating
LOL!! Being hit on by bottoms constantly when Seiei is a bottom himself.. yup.. that's a serious problem he has. But reality of his dream top may not turn out what he has imagined. I'm totally rooting for the straight roommate to jump ship! Can't wait to find out more! Beautiful art and big Bonus for partial uncensored, sure beats lightsaber!
zw9500 Rating
This is probs one of the funniest BL manga I've ever read... the premise is absolutely ridiculous but that's why the story is so entertaining! I love it so far :)
UndeadB Rating
I wish there was a way to tell when this was last updated and when it will update again. Absolutely love this series! Need to know what happens next!
kurome Rating
This is awesome! A Black haired uke who looks like a cool top but is actually a hard-core bottom, I love it, exactly my type of uke, I can't wait for more!! ?
meilehua Rating
Roommate vs transfer student; who will the mc choose? I'm having a lot of fun reading this one. The art style is great as well! Looking forward to the next couple of chapters!
JaniHoman Rating
This is one of the most interesting ones I've ever read. I like the art style, I'm looking forward to future chapters!
MariMiau25 Rating
IT'S SO GOOD!!! So funny and yet has a cute side xD
ebookrenta03bbgogox Rating
This is a really fun & funny story. I am also impressed by the good portrayal of someone who is Demisexual (the roomate). Definitely better than the "turning gay" trope. I really hope more are released, I can't wait to see how the story progresses.
susanbd21 Rating
Need more like this! Girls have this issue too (too intense, thought you were gay, wanted someone more delicate) so it's nice to see it being addressed in this format. Also the side fantasies are my favorite plot device.
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