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fionav3 Rating
INCEST WARNING!!! I am irritated beyond belief about this manga, the first and main story contains incest. There is zero warning about that in the blurb and there absolutely should be because quite a lot of us who read yaoi do not like incest. So future readers beware and don't get caught like I was.
GregorIAN Rating
Brother on brother - that absolutely ruined it for me. The story wasn't that great either, but with the twins going at made it impossible to finish this. Wish that Renta! had warnings for that and noncon.
Nashi4eva Rating
The first and last story was not my cup of tea. I didn't like them. The ones I liked were too short ?
Daekin Rating
I enjoyed most of the stories. The last one was not the best, but the others were good. Decent stories, art is nice, characters are interesting. I'd read it again, and would read more with the same characters too.
Babo Rating
... beautiful... Simply beautiful. This is one of the manga that has the extremely rare seme x 2ukes. I have only read one other that has this setting. The only fcked up story is the last one.
yellowdoors Rating
The short stories where weird and great! Warning there is a poly couple with twins. The art was great too
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
I enjoyed the story. It feels very meloncolly. It was unique and had me guessing along with the main character as to what was going on. There are also lots of spicy interactions between the characters. The synopsis posted with this story is somewhat misleading. However, there is a happy ending. If you consider threeways that include some twinsest to be a happy ending.Disclaimer: There are intractions toward the end that have full blood brother (Twins) going at it. If that is not your thing you will hate this.
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