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Tantalusqual Rating
So this one starts out on a slight dubcon-y note (drunk forced kissing) and being awkward about it. I never would have guessed that the story develops to be so wholesome after that. The relationship progression really feels good and the MCs work through each other's flaws together.Bonus points for a really nice art style.
Bebstarry Rating
I love this! The characters are gorgeous and there are hot scenes ~
GregorIAN Rating
Weird and squicky - like dub con weirdness. There are cute moments, and if it progressed on those, it could be interesting, but it's a freight train dragging a body along and not a relationship.
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
This is too super cute! The title says it all! The History teacher is so oblivious I actually feel bad for the Math teacher. These men are beautiful and I'm excited for more.
flyButter Rating
Ok... What the fuck was that first review?!The manga is completely different!!! I mean wtf, it so wrong that it's completely the opposite!! But Ok, onto my reveiw:It was interesting and heart warming. The relationship between them is different from a lot of manga. It's healthy and real, in fact I think they would have gotten that far in their relationship even if all the typical coincidences didn't happen to forward the story, just particularly slower. After they gave echother a chance to get to know one another, you might as well confirm they're relationship- they were so cute together!! (Tho, they did not know that). All in all, a heart warming and cute story, that's got a bit of a bite to it. P.S. I really liked the way the gong saw the shou, I mean I nearly died when I began to see him that way too! So cute!??
MariMiau25 Rating
Really cute! I loved it, it was pretty enjoyable and the art was amazing :3
Tintinabule Rating
It's a good read, easy and cute. Not really original though, nothing unexpected happening.
Ibeshippin Rating
I like this so far. Nothings too rushed. Tho I do hope something does happen next- ahaaha
GoForward Rating
Sweet romantic story, heartwarming and very, very erotic.
Bunny777 Rating
This is a really sweet story with only a few problematic elements. There's the fairly standard gay-denying (But we're both guys?! nonsense), some non-consensual activity, and of course the victim blaming (“But you're too cute”, “I can't control myself” or “I should have fought you more” garbage). But there's also really nice character development, vulnerability, and range. Would be nice to read a sequel...
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