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Cindypyon Rating
22 dec 2020 chapter 2 came out and holy shhhh it's hot! I wasn't expecting they were gonna focus on Niko during foreplay, but I loved it! Consent good too and I love the size difference..!Definitely recommend if you're into cute girls and cute big guys :3 Nikolas is so my type hahaHe's not like a “beast”... He reminds me of Makoto from Free! Look-wise and personality too
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Adorable indeed!!! Niko is a hottie that likes cute small things and Hiyoko likes making cute small things and she's pretty small and cute herself. Can two people who come from very different cultures but share the same affinity for cute things ever be more?? Well yeah!! This is cute cute cute. The art is nice, the characters are cute and the pacing is good and it gets a bit steamy towards the end;) wondering if Niko's big bro will make an appearance later on? More please!!!
chouchou Rating
so sweet, cute, and most of all, wholesome with some spicy moments. I think the male lead's cultural sensitivity and gentleness are so wonderful in a genre where consent seems to be mostly implied or blatantly ignored... I can feel how emotionally safe the female lead is in her new relationship, and that's so rare to see. their relationship is so healthy in that sense. adorable characters and lovely art. would wholeheartedly recommend. ??
bravoalois Rating
I really like how open-minded the heroine is, despite being cute and virgin. And the guy is rather meek and kind, not the forceful kinda type. Its nice to see where their newfound relationship will lead to, discovery each other's sweetspot and feelings. Not sure if i like the heroine's friend intervention next..hmm but we'll see.Cant wait next!
Kas Rating
It's cute so far!
Bunnione Rating
Woohoo super cute with a spicy twist at the end. Who doesn't love a cute Heronine, modest, realistic and adorable? The lead male has a real cuteness about him who loves cute things! I can't wait for the development worth the ticket!
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