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Mangareader Rating
Well ain't this just the spice of life haha. The story starts after both of them know each other and gets to the point at a good bit quick pace. I really like seeing the two sides of Kanata - can't wait to read more!
Tintinabule Rating
Love a good gangster manga, with MCs who are both twisted and yet compatible.
SadAsian Rating
Oh man. I thought the reviews were exaggerated but no. This is beautiful. Good story. Good art. Definitely a re-read.
LQLattiner Rating
So far (Ch. 3) this is a super compelling story, hot sex scenes, AND super good art! Darker than some stories here, but the story is about mafiosos and a hitmen who uses sex to get close to targets, and it plays into that. Still, both main characters are interesting, makes you root for both of them in their own way, and this is the new story that I'm buying as soon as I see the next chapter on sale, every time!
ebookrenta0tivrzvkc Rating
Couldn't be better and well worth the wait I put in for the last chapters. It was ??no extra words needed!
Cygnus Rating
Wow.. things sure escalate fast! This is going to be a fun and spicy one to read. Can't wait to find out how this mafia boss going to tame that wild cat assassin.
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