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Mire97 Rating
Love it and wish there was more from the epilogue. It's a beautiful spin off story and k wish the author got to write all the pages they wanted to write.
kyokobaby Rating
I loved The Red String of Fate so much that this was an insta buy and I don't regret it at all. although I did find this sequel to be a bit more bittersweet and emotional it's still a lovely story!
twindevil Rating
Love it so much and wish there was more.
izzy2021 Rating
Must read! Such a good plot and their chemistry is through the roof! So glad there is a second volume, will definitely read that one too!
Dragonstorm12 Rating
I somehow knew “the red string of fate” would be getting a spin off with Kaoru as the protagonist of the story! Either way it was definitely worth the $7!
Chevy612 Rating
I really enjoyed this. Story line was not the usual yaoi trope. A good plot line and just enough angst and heart-twingy moments to keep the reader eager to see what would happen next. A great read for yaoi lovers who like their smut a little less graphic, but still hot!
legallybling Rating
Been waiting for this to be licensed forever and I'm so happy when I finally can read it in English! Love it so much <3
MioAkiyama Rating
The story clenched my heart and it's super good. I highly recommend you to read this story and the sequel !!
alienxxi Rating
Tear-jerking. Even though it was cliché, I still cried in the end. Everything was so lovely and I'm happy for the both of them. So glad that Kaoru found it in his heart to trust Hara cause he has been nothing but a gentleman with him. Definitely a good read to recommend!
Kmm07n Rating
This is probably one of my all time favorite series. The art is to die for, and the story is really beautiful. It's definitely more of a roller coaster than Red String of Fate, but I think that makes it more rewarding to read. I love both of the characters so much: a committed and loving seme, and a beautiful and complicated uke. It's a real knock out combo! I can't recommend this enough; it's more than worth the price to own.
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