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AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
So excited for more of this one! I seriously check back every day for more I hope the chapters to come are just as good as the first!
PennyDreadful Rating
This story is absolutely adorable with just enough smut. All chapters are out now, but I wish there was more. I wanna get to know these characters more, to see their relationship develop. This feels like just the beginning. Lots of feels in these chapters, def worth a read through or three. :)
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This here is the best y'all!!! OMG!!! The feels!!!! All the feels!!! Wow. Ok so Tomo has had a grudge against Jyo for years!!! Since college days. When he finally meets him again he's in for a huge surprise!!! I love how we get some backstory on how they knew each other and what's been going on since then. Just kinda wanted to know why Jyo ends up where he ended up. Love how they didn't care about labels. They truly just love each other. It's steamy for sure but has a lot of heart.
ChattyK2125 Rating
I love how Tomohiro believed in Jyo so much that he worked to free up his pictures and name. And at the end the two fell in love but Tomohiro messed with Jyo even in the way he told him. I was not sure I would like this and then I could not stop reading. Romance and love. Not to mention the way Jyo is drawn is hot. Especially with Jyo and Tomohiro making love for the first time. HOT!
kyokobaby Rating
More, please!!!!!
bigbigtruck Rating
Heartwarming, beautifully drawn, sweet, sincere, and intriguing. Plus the masseuse character is aoooo hot!
radish Rating
Cute cute cute!!!!!
HiggsWay Rating
The art is very good. I also love how the story goes beyond a typical non-con and have deeper themes of betrayal and such. The 4th chapter is brilliant, I hope their relationship can keep developing.
Lonelybambooshark Rating
It starts off funny and sexy, then turns intringuing, and just becomes absolutely adorable by the end! Honestly didn't expect the emotional and romantic elements from the name and the cover (lol) but it was a very welcome surprise!
Spocktacle Rating
I started reading this one out of curiosity but it gave me more than just eroticism. There's a decent plot wrapped up in here, less sex than you expect, and an emotional resolution that made me tear up! Great read if you want a few smexy times, decent plot, and a happy ending, give this one a shot.
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