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Kmm07n Rating
Buy it! This series is amazing. It's a super hot, fluffy omegaverse story where everything is one hundred percent consensual. The uke is an adorable little megane-kun who gets to tap into his sexy omega side, and the seme is head over heels for him. So cute! And, like every other work this artist has done, the sex scenes are to die for. Definitely buy it, because you'll want to reread it!
animepie Rating
Uguu. Another smutty, supper soft and fluffy story by Sakana Tojo. The way the characters are so affectionate with each other is enough to make feel as embarrassed as the side character cast. But I love every little bit of seeing how they even look at each other. I can't wait to see more moments of them just falling in love.
AgentDeathRae Rating
One of my gavourite artists using one of my favourite universe themes?! Yes please! Lots of consensual yummy love smut to be had by this mangaka. A sweet, loving romp so far. Can't wait to see how this Omegaverse goes!
SIMPlified Rating
I love this author!! The stories are always beyond sweet and the writing is simplistic. It's like a breath of fresh air and nothing but love love love. This story is no exception. It's cute, will not stress you out, and the art is almost whimsical at times. You must give it a read <3
cabooseTVD Rating
The description makes it seem a bit like the relationship is dub-con, but it's actually just a very cute story about two sweethearts who are horny for each other and trying to be good. The art and story are just as amazing as the other stories by this author, and the smut is both pure and steamy. Love it to bits!!!
Rezi Rating
If you want absolute fluff and sugar sweet this is it. Wasn't what I expected and not really my cup of tea also the flow of the story itself was a bit hard for me to follow other than that it was just purely cute.
MioAkiyama Rating
The definition of warm fluffy love, sexy & cute at the same time. Engagement btwn the 2 neighbors α&Ω they secretly have to kiss when their parents are around, 2 boys are totally H for each other!After going to University marriage is shortly shown in one of the panels.The both of them are really cute and Akihiro's smutty looks are really just smutty af. We get to see them grow up from high school to university and eventually get married. I give it a 5/5 in the amount of smut
Buttercupjam Rating
Such a wholesome soft read. I really enjoyed this manga. It's simple and sweet. Definitely recommend if you just want a fuffy comfort read. Seeing their relationship develop and their love for eachother grow is so wonderful. I always have a soft spot for childhood sweethearts growing up together. Please buy it!!??
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