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PennyDreadful Rating
I like the art for this and that's all. I couldn't even finish it. I usually like bullies and subs who turn into lovers, but this isn't that kind of story. The main character has to be kidnapped, tied up in a blanket, and forced/coerced just to interact with the bulky, and it happens over and over again. I never get the sense that either of the characters ever end up in love with each other, the main character just eventually just gives up. I wish I could get my money back on this one.
princetheripper Rating
This is not romance. It's stockholm syndrome, emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and many more disguised as a romance. Don't read this id you're not into any of these things.
GrimLuciel Rating
Let me start by saying I /love/ this author and totally ecstatic to see them on renta!! But of all their works, this may be one of their weakest ones. The first couple are heavy non-con without much conclusion to make us believe they could work. Heck, if anything I was rooting for the main guy to get with the other character. The second story is nice, but doesn't give you much time to get attached to the couple. The art is gorgeous as usual, I love their style. I hate saying that the story doesn't do the artist justice -- their other works are so great! I just don't understand why this heavy non-con one was the first they decide to translate...I feel like it's not a proper introduction to this great Mangala I've been following. Renta please bring more of this author!!!
Cressellia Rating
Takayasu deserves to be happy for all the hard work he puts in. If you're not okay with Non-con then don't read. It gets reallllly dicey, seriously. I mostly love this story for its last two epilogue chapters. Everything was so sweet and gooy and comfy at that point it really hit my comfort zone. Especially love some friendship romance like this one, reminds me of my own marriage~
Niyeong Rating
The second act was such a wholesome friends to lovers, grow old with me.
Ashurichan Rating
I loved this but seriously if you're not into non-con then don't read it! There's a pretty dark chapter here.
reyji Rating
Oh man this was so good. The art is just (chef's kiss) so lovely. The first pairing's story had some parts I wasn't too keen on (dubcon/noncon warning for those not into that!) but the last chapters of their story made up for it, and tied it off very nicely. My favorite story was the second one though, I am such a sucker for childhood friends to lovers, and long haired characters. And the ending was so tooth-rottingly sweet, but also humorous! I wish we got to see more of the two and their relationship, but I'm still satisfied with what was given. Of course, both stories had plenty of smut too, haha. Definitely recommend this :)
Lindina Rating
Love the art. The story is sweet and sexy. Wish there were more chapters for the second couple though. Overall, a very enjoyable manga.
jvang Rating
Wow! This was better than expected. It was funny, sexy, and even a bit realistic. I enjoyed it
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