User Reviews For: Melty Kiss [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


4.8 out of 5

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Renshel13 Rating
This was perfect. The chemistry between the characters was insane.
MissSleepless Rating
The tonal whiplash is absolutely wild, but I genuinely enjoy both of the leads and their bonkers out there relationship and antics. Great art and a lot of fun, rating four stars due to haywire, inconsistent pacing and some messy story beats, but still a wild smutty time!
wascallywabbit12 Rating
I love their energy!! Great story and fun read. Nice spicy scenes
MioAkiyama Rating
Very sweet and persistent Riku that doesn't give up on Ryo despite rumors and their age gap. Bosco Takasaki's stories are always happy at the ending and always super sweet. I love it and highly recommend!!
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