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maquila Rating
(This is up to Volume 7 so SPOILERS). I was morbidly curious after reading the reviews and reading that incest happened - it's way not my thing, but I was wondering if it actually WAS incest or if there was going to be a weird side step. Lo and behold there was a weird sidestep. For FOUR BOOKS they make you think that the main couple who are having H-scenes are brother/sister, but book 7 finally reveals that they aren't. They're...sort of related, but like very very very distant cousins. (He's basically her greatxenoughtogoback300years grandfather's son.) The story's okay - sometimes it's overly convoluted and confusing, but I will say HOOBOY do they keep up the brother/sister thing really dramatically for as long as possible, which absolutely is squicky. The one H-Scene shown (so far - who knows what the future holds) was remarkably tame for most H-scene. It's not my kind of book/story, and I'm not a fan of confusing pseudo-incest plots, but it's not as bonkers as several other reviews are saying, and on the good side, consent is a thing.
jy3 Rating
(Note: first chapter review only)Fairly good. The story has shades of a kind of "1984"-lite, and the premise is similar to "Love Not Found". Even the first chapter has decent worldbuilding. Also, it's nice to see something that uses explicit consent, as compared to the seemingly unaware dubcon and noncon that seems to be fairly common here.The only problems I've seen so far are: 1) Not enough worldbuilding. More detail on the actual setting, and why it is the way it is, would be nice. 2) The visuals when the leads meet are a bit threatening.
kittygirl320 Rating
I don't know why but their relationship reminds me of Bella's and Edward's from the Twilight Saga. I think it was brilliant and unique. I just couldn't stop reading and would recommend it to anyone looking to read a futuristic romance.
naughtycanuck Rating
Cool concept but incest isn't cool
Aili Rating
I liked it until it got weird...the plot twist was just too much for me. Otherwise a good story.
Sparrow Rating
Spoilers but I'd like to give a big no thank you to incest.
romi28 Rating
Cute images, but is bored story, dont have smut... Please translate only good manga
chicobaby04 Rating
This is very interesting also different. Sometime I like to read some ff regarding to cultures and this is one of them and I'm sure such a culture doesn't exist but. Can't imagine how people would have to give up the feeling of love
Bluekoi9 Rating
It had a great story line! I enjoyed reading it and the artistry is amazing!
4515578Kl Rating
The plot and story is interesting but it's rushed so one cannot get a full feeling for the emotions of the characters and the society they live in.
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