User Reviews For: A Hunk Suddenly Sprouted from the Planter...


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GregorIAN Rating
I know what I just read - but like, I don't know what I just read. I keep thinking this must be a trick or something, but it 's never confirmed or denied that the guy really is a plant. Does this mean the kids will grow?
MintTea Rating
A very unique and cute story. If you are looking for something different, light, and with good art, I highly recommend reading this. It's one of my favorite stories on this site.
PennyDreadful Rating
It was cute and light.
YokaiAkito Rating
A cute and silly story that is so much fun to read! I recommend this manga if you are looking for a fresh, lighthearted read!
Memily Rating
Very cute! The title is a draw all on it's own, and it doesn't disappoint. I'd be open to reading more about these two, but this is written in such a way that the ending is satisfying all on its own. No deep, emotional story here, but it's definitely an original idea. Give it a try! (10/16/15)
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