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ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
I started reading this expecting a different turn of events, but as it went on it got pretty dark. They need a tag that says "Blackmail" and "Forced". I feel so sorry for Chiharu. I understand Reiichi's mom was an uncaring piece of work...but he could have gone about it a much different way. This is a good read, and I feel horrible for both of the characters in different ways. But don't recommend reading this if you're expecting a happy ending...
Bayoutachi Rating
fast paced story, it ends in a rush and there's so much unsolved things, rape scene on 4/6 chapters. After reading you'll forced to think "what the F did I just read?" I'm so confused, there's no explanation why he's gay, he just obsessed with the bottom who happened to encourage and bother to get close to the him. Also the bottom become gay all of the sudden, it felt like 8 years relationship with the gf had no meaning at all, they even GET ENGAGED FGS SMH, oh well, i don't recommend reading this, but if you're masochist like me (who happened to ignore the reviewers warning), feel free to read this, I'm going outta here.
kcfantastic Rating
Dark! I mean you really fall down the rabbit hole with this one. The art is beautiful, and the story is really intriguing. My biggest complaint is that the translation messes up at some parts, but other than that it's really good. It does have a lot of mind control and non-consensual sex, so if you can't stomach that, don't read.
Nora990 Rating
the poor guy he just want to love somebody and to be loved back T_T
hopeless Rating
Don't expect a fully consensual sex from this manga, but it's hot and steamy. The ending is bittersweet, more bitter than sweet, but I find it fitting for this kind of story. Overall, it's a very exciting read. I really liked it.
Idioteva Rating
I totally agree with more tags being added to the title, but even with how it turned really dark, really fast (something I normally don't enjoy) I found myself hooked wanting to know what would happen next. The ending also wraps everything up in a way would would partly expect from this sort of messed up situation.
malicia Rating
I only gave 4 stars as I would have preferred an ending where the victim overcomes the trauma and takes his life back ... as for the MC ... let
ShuckyDucky Rating
Very interesting...and for once I never once guessed what would happen next or what would be said next. I loved it!
Nathaeila Rating
I liked it. I must be a sadist...ehh
janganca Rating
The ending is not satisfied. It's open ending. Nobody happy. Drawing is good. I hope author add new chapter for Better ending
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