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Kara Rating
This story was incredibly adorable! I didn't know what to expect but really, I highly recommend reading this!
bunnyboy Rating
Nothing new story-wise, but Honey Devil is an easy, enjoyable read. This mangaka's art is consistent and cute, and matches the stories she tells. The story & character development are a little weak, but I'm guessing this is addressed in the many sequel volumes (see Amorous Devil). I liked that the entire volume was all about the MCs. However, I'm very annoyed that many images are cut off toward the middle (where the book crease would be), particularly the two-page spreads, which don't match up cleanly throughout the entire volume. This, combined with some awkward translation in places, gives this manga an unprofessional & unpolished feel, which left me disappointed, and unsure whether to continue with the series. 3.5* for the manga itself, but 2.5* for the production value of this English release.
YokaiAkito Rating
This manga is great! The story is super sweet and sexy, and the characters are so much fun! They art style is very detailed, and the characters are very expressive! I highly recommend this for anyone that likes manga that features cute couples and a fun, sexy story!
Addy Rating
I love this manga and can't wait for number 5 love you work it is amazing work
lulukat Rating
I am in love with this plot and the characters! The humor and passion are incredible and very engaging. This is definitely worth the tickets and praise!
Majala Rating
Half fantasy, half romance - enjoy!
Shathisaperera Rating
I loved this story... It was sweet and so cute... I wished the story had an extended ending but still... It was really good! Great work!
Lovebug23 Rating
You will fall in love with each character and always be wanting more and more. The stories are great and worth the prices. Hope see a long series and more of these comics.
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