User Reviews For: Be My Bride -Sudden Premarital Arrest-


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anne23 Rating
How lucky that girl have 3 handsome guy as her candidate husband but i feel sorry to that girl because all the guys only chase her grandfather heritance. I recomend to the reader for read the story.
LemonMasochist Rating
Aso is really hot, he's the guy who has his tongue out on the cover with the blonde hair. As I read this, he seems like he really wants to have sex with the main female character along with the other guys on the cover...well duh lol that was really stupid of me to say. But it's a really good short read, it ends at a cliff hanger, so I'm almost certain there will be a vol.2 I really like this author, I didn't get to give proper review to their other manga but their art work is awesome and pretty :D <3 Anyway P.S. Aso seems like a pretty aggressive guy, so I'm hoping he does something really kinky to the main female character in the next vol. >:)
Ilovemanga Rating
Hot, but I felt that they were only after her money. Still a good read.
NMAT64 Rating
Good story but hated that only one could win the heart of the heroine. All brothers were cute drawings of a hot guys.
alakeshadow Rating
Fun and interesting series. I wish there was more sex but it's only one ticket per chapter so that's not too bad. I also like the artwork.
TrinaCasey Rating
Well worth the tickets to read. 5 stars.
tiffhaddock Rating
It was okay.,I need it more I'm just hoping that the next chapter will be better and the last and it is getting interesting considering that she did choose one of the brothers that is the oldest and now she lost her virginity to him bad that I do like this website for my books
Naner Rating
The art is strange too often and the story has too many outlandish clichés.
iori Rating
Another good story.
DivineAnglicMelody Rating
Loved it! It went almost exactly how I wanted it to! Yayy! :)
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