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Running a Love Hotel with My Math Teacher (Current ch. 54) NEW Comic


Kana is a high schooler by day and a hotel owner by night. Of course, it's a secret from everybody at school. Her grades have dropped due to the stress from her busy life, but she's kind of happy that it gives her an excuse to receive extra lessons from Mr. Saitou, the teacher she admires. One day, however, a guest at her hotel catches her eye... What!? It's Mr. Saitou!? And the room he chooses to stay in is the hotel's most popular room!! Really!? That kind and gentle teacher...!? Flustered and shocked, she's forced to go into his room! What will become of her...!?


One Day, You'll Take off My Uniform [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic Hot


One day, I will end up naked in front of my teacher... A girl and her teacher, each having lost someone important to them, get closer to one another and mend their hearts, little by little... Rei just lost her parents in an accident and decides to go live in a boarding house. There, she finds drawings and painting tools strewn around, along with a naked man called Taichi Narumi. His grandmother, the actual landlord, is in the hospital, so he acts both as her replacement and as an art teacher. Still in a daze from his sleep, he pushes Rei on the bed and steals her first kiss. Now, she is confused and has to share a house with him... But Taichi bears scars of his own...


Just the Two of Us Under the Sheets [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


Their bodies touch under the sheets. ...Saya is always alone because she goes straight to the nurse's office when she gets to school. One day, Mutsumi, the reason why she stays there all day, barges in. He slips into the bed she's sleeping in, telling her to help him hide from the teacher who's chasing him, and kisses her to keep her mouth shut. She tries to throw him out but he says he's going to help her study from now on...... He's always been controlling, selfish and mean...... so why is he being nice to her now...?


Spring Snow Doesn't Melt (Current ch. 5) Comic

AuthorChise Sato

Yuki Haruno is back in her hometown after finally getting her coveted teaching license... only to be met with the somber news that the teacher she had always had feelings for, Mr. Tsuda, just died in a car crash. Struggling through emotions like deep regret and sorrow... she wanders aimlessly, not knowing what to do with her life now. Meanwhile, time has frozen for Mr. Tsuda's son, Ritsu, as well... as the grief of losing his only living immediate family washes unforgivingly over him. Things start changing when the two meet, but little do they know what fate has in store for them...


Kasumi Namori's Life with a Teacher! [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


"Remember, you'll be living with men." A female student in a boarding house full of wild beasts!? The heart-throbbing never ends...! Just before her senior year of high school, Kasumi's father has to transfer to a new workplace, and she is faced with a forced school transfer. When that happens, her homeroom teacher Mr. Sera tells her, "If you really want to stay, then come live with me." But doesn't that mean just Kasumi and him!? Her head spinning at the thought, she arrives at Mr. Sera's house... only to find it filled with wild teenage boys!! A teacher, a delinquent, the school council president, and a cross-dressing boy... With all these hot young men making passes at her, there's no way Kasumi can ignore it...! What will become of Kasumi's new home life...!?


Is My Teacher Bullying Me!? Comic

AuthorYuzuchi uroco

"I bet you were expecting this." My mind and body are under the control of a sadistic teacher and I can't disobey any of his orders......! A boy used to bully Mayu when she was a kid. She wanted to enjoy her school days, but the first friends she made happened to be naughty girls. One day, they decide to threaten their teacher Hasegawa with a made-up affair with a female student because he told off one of them. Mayu can't say no when her friends ask her to seduce him... and it turns out that he's the boy who used to bully her......!

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Esuka of Crimson [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Touko belongs to a group of students with psychic powers, called Group E. One year ago one of them died, and they try to cope together with their teacher. However, more deaths start happening. The group starts to learn the conspiracy about the incident, and how it's related to the missile attack that scarred the town 10 years past.


Sunday's Child Comic

AuthorKita Konno

Eric is a young butler who inherited the position from his father. He's also the lover of Roland, the leader of the Durham family. There is an extreme gap in status between them... The title piece contains a love story about upper class and lower class, master and servant. It is followed by someone who struggles to live in the forest and survive in a harsh natural environment, a secret between a student and someone who was once a teacher, and a story about secret time that girls share together. This is an anthology of masterpieces from Kita Konno!


Knightmare Comic


One night, an interesting visitor appears in Koyori Aisaki's dreams - her good-looking homeroom and English teacher, Mr. Grimme. This is not the Mr. Grimme that Koyori remembers, though - what's with the knight get-up and harsh verbal tone? On top of that, what is all the nonsense coming out of his mouth about Koyori's dreams being "dangerous?" The fact is, Koyori does indeed have dreams of her own - except she's all but given up on them. What she doesn't yet realize is that giving up on dreams paves the way for darkness to turn those dreams into nightmares! Enter "Knightmare," guardian of dreams, who arrives once more to exterminate nightmares as only he can!

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