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YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a cute story! I love it so much! This is great for fans of BL set in a more realistic world, but still plenty of fluff to go around! The art is detailed, and the characters expressions are wonderful! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a cute, fun story!
biggestrebel Rating
honestly, one of my favorite stories of all time!!! Its so sweet and realistic! I love all the characters and found family in general is a great theme!Sensei's art is always beautiful and it's no different here! Please buy all the volumes and check out their other work!I cant wait for the prequel to this to show our how the protags got together!!!!
MonSu Rating
Absolutely adored this story!! I'm a sucker for the childhood friend plots as they always have such history together and adding another generation into it is just too cute! Love the art, and I just love their version of love! I can always expect a great story, but this one is my favourite from Tomo Kurahashi byfar.
Momokacchi Rating
SO. CUTE. I love this series so much!
alexamonster Rating
One of my all-time favorite mangas by my all time favorite mangaka! So wholesome, so sweet.
nickel Rating
A cute, lighthearted family story!
shihori01 Rating
Read the prequel to this one and just could not stop reading about this couple so bought this one. It did not disappoint! Their relationship is very realistic and even though it felt a bit rushed, it was an amazing read. Definitely buy it! You won't regret adding it to your library!
bluedeer Rating
A refreshing take on a Yaoi family life story. Its wholesome and is very adorable. Love the prequel as well as it brings depths to the characters in this series which I appreciate. Overall, one of my favourite and would recommend to all those who love cute consenting adults live as a family.
Senashin Rating
I love this series so much!!! I'm a sucker for families and children with lgbt+ parents and this is honestly so wonderful. If you haven't read the prequel to this, you should!! It's not necessary but it'll give you some background on the main characters. Please just buy it! It's worth it.
NerdGirlDreamer Rating
I absolutely love this series. This is one of my favorite yaoi manga, and my favorite Tomo Kurahashi series. The characters are all extremely lovable. I have read this series may times.
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