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hybride Rating
No sex here, just a wonderful story, and gorgeous art - all in colour!
Midnite Rating
This was absolutely adorable. A wonderfully light-hearted story about growing up and choosing to work for your happiness or, take the easy way out. The characters were entertaining and made me want them to find that happiness. (I only dislike that it is essentially one volume and yet all of the chapters are separated to force you into paying more. This is a complaint against Renta! and not the manga itself.)
lovesfiction97 Rating
I'm giving it a 3 because I'm assuming f I'm the other reviews that it gets better, but frankly the main female character is pretty annoying.
andiekae Rating
Aahhh a sweet and wholesome shojo story with some good lessons to learn! This manga helped me through a tough time and I still reread it a lot. If you want to have some warm fuzzies to cute, full-color art, this is the story for you!
Scarletdollie5 Rating
Good start but the ending was a bit meh :/
Altorrin Rating
Great, just wish the ending wasn't so abrupt.
theakaneko Rating
This story is totally adorable. Great art, full color, so worth the read and the price.I was a little wary about the premise, since the blurb made it sound like the mains didn't like each other but it was more like didn't know each other.Nothing happens beyond the occasional kiss and I wonder about the cat and watch at the end. But overall very pleased
MissAndy Rating
Cute story with a good lesson to it. :) The ending was odd, but I enjoyed it.
cohen5483 Rating
Lovely art, cute story about a girl's self-improvement journey. I got a bit confused at the end as I'm not sure what quite happened but it's a nice story overall.
Carrot Rating
I thought this was such a cute, fluffy story. No filler, and really nice story for how short it was. The characters were all pretty realistic too! Definitely worth the read!
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