User Reviews For: Sweet Honey After School -The Loner Just Got Stung by a Handsome Bee.-[Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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kleepart Rating
So far...AWESOME! I love this. The art is beautiful, the story is unique, and the characters are interesting. Despite the tacky name--11/10 nurses would recommend.
LeeDonghae Rating
This is one of my favorites mangas which I never get tired of re-reading. It has the "misunderstanding" trope but somehow it didn't feel cliche. I'm glad that the story didn't get dragged for long like other stories. I just wish it had extra fluffy chapters after they were already a couple
fionav3 Rating
Very sweet manga. Chapters are short but since they're only 100 points each, it doesn't matter. I thought the misunderstanding between them was hilarious, and they were both actually just being awkward teenagers. Nice art too.
0hRa30h Rating
Oh the craziness that was high school. Two awkward guys not really sure how to navigate their newfound feelings. It was cute and bittersweet too, and clearly there was a helluvalot of misunderstanding, but it was clear that they both like each other, just not sure how to come out and tell it to the other, but it all eventually got cleared up in the end.
fiddlerjones Rating
Current Chapter: 6 (Complete) *Review contains spoilers.* This is one of my absolute favorite purchases through Renta!. It's in my Top 5, easily. It's sweet. It's tender. It's romantic. It's got Idiot(s) in Love (a highly underrated trope, in my humble opinion). I love the development of their relationship from classmates to oddball maybe-friends to something more. Both boys are lovable, and it's fun to see them dance around each other. There is some sexual content, but I'd rate it fairly mild. It's more about the development of their feelings and the complications that pop up when they don't discuss them. It's really nice that the author has them voice their thoughts, feelings, and misunderstandings out loud at the end so they and the audience can get a proper resolution. Communication is key, folks. Yes, there is a happy ending (an unhappy ending is typically a dealbreaker for me). I reread this one frequently, and it never fails to make me smile. A wonderful, fluffy read.
Renshel13 Rating
This is so cute and sweet.
dejavueyes Rating
I enjoy the art and the simple storyline. Most likely because the characters are simple high school students and the contrast between the shyness from one character and the suave-ness from the other is nice. That makes them very cute together.
doomsy Rating
This was so good. The writing was relatable funny, sweet, charming, sad and fun. The main couple is so cute. I really wish there were more chapters but I wouldn't want it to devolve into unnecessary angst. I will definitely revisit this series in the future. Oh, and the main lead is super sweet.
Ltrocks78 Rating
Awe so sweet. Liked it a whole lot
retardedapplejuice Rating
Such a tender and sweet story! I love it! If you're into relationships that start off platonically friendly then turns vaguely intimate, I definitely recommend this one. The art definitely adds to giving that fluffy feeling between the two classmates!
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