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idgal Rating
Great artwork and story. Tsundere Dr. meets his match in the won't take no for an answer salesman. Very sexy art. I hope Renta translates more of the mangaka other works, I would get them all!
BlackBelle Rating
I loved this. The couple is just too cut for words. We also have an angsty backstory for our Uke, and a terrible evil ex that needs some serious karma to bite him in the ass. But the story is wonderful, and our couple find happiness. There are some things that are laugh out loud funny. It's truly s gem of a story. Only took off a star because I was unhappy with how they finished up the ex's bit in the story.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I liked it, but I didn't. The character personalities and actions didn't match. The puppy-like medical rep was more dominant and the rude doctor was submissive. It kind of didn't work for me. I wish the doctor had more backbone. I mean someone who is supposed to be mean and play hard to get sure gave in super fast. I dunno, it was cute but nothing special.
fandomnightmare Rating
I normally love Qpa releases, but despite the interesting premise, this one wasn't anything special past the first chapter. It's basically the standard cold uke, warm seme story, with some misunderstandings and a love triangle with a more powerful and aggressive character. I wish I had rented rather than bought it. Nothing really wrong with it, it's just very basic.
Knifecatemoji Rating
Really good art and spicy NSFW scenes, excellent story. Wasn't sure how it was going to turn out when the surprise twist was revealed but it ended up really good.Please translate more from this author! So good!!
CrazyCatLady Rating
The art is fantastic and the smutty scenes are off the charts. If only there was no damn censorship. Gotta love the "lightsaber penis" :D The plot is great and I really like the dialogue. Yosuke is an total asshats. Shingo should have knocked him out. You'll definitely enjoy this one!
kleepart Rating
I love this author and I really really enjoyed this manga. The story was sweet, sexy, unique, and I love the direction it took. The art is also great. I'm so excited they put it on here, and hope they will share more of this authors works.
Manga2018 Rating
I really liked the story and the artwork. Reread it a few times now
HorseObsessed Rating
??I really like this story.??Reiji is really hot.?? Shingo is hot. I like how Shingo relentlessly pursues Reiji & Reiji just brushes him off, how he's cold to him in the beginning. I like seeing Shingo melts his cold, frigid facade. I think I've already given up too much of the story. I'll be reading this one over & over again.??
Flowerbomb88 Rating
I really enjoyed this manga! Its definitely one that I keep coming back to read from time to time.
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