User Reviews For: The Trail of His Fingertips [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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idgal Rating
Shoujo like yaoi story. Cinderella uke is being used by his straight crush at work (notice me sempai!), in steps the confident seme who gives him the spirit to change jobs and come works for the seme. He has low self esteem issues which causes him to wonder about his relationship with the playboyish seme.
cheese Rating
Very cliche and predictable plot but it's cute enough that it's still enjoyable! Pretty lighthearted and the characters fit top/bottom personality tropes pretty well. The smutty scenes are also beautifully drawn, they both clearly enjoy it and it isn't one sided or unconsented. The storytelling is realistically a 3.5 at best but the art is beautiful and it still gives a feeling of satisfaction at the end.
biggestrebel Rating
wwwww I loved this so much!!!! //////// the relationship was stupid cute, I loved how it developed! The seme was *q*)bAnyway, I definitely recommend this one! Its sweet but lewd and just long enough to be satisfying without dragging the story out!The second story is a one shot and was also p cute. Would love to see that couple have their own series one day!
MissMaus Rating
Very enjoyable. The art is lovely and the story is well paced. Worth every ticket. The top is a little prickly but very attentive.
ebookrenta0kwd77n7h Rating
This was funny, sweet and all in all a great Manga!
Shailia89 Rating
This one is so sweet and I like the art very much.Take a peek, but only if you like this kind of Yaoi(犢
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