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bunnyboy Rating
I really like Unexpected Love Serendipity. The first two couples are loosely related. The first story was a short, but fun look at a long-time couple in a rut. The second (my favorite) story about two co-workers was the best. There was a good mix of humor and sex - I will definitely re-read their chapters again. I love how these co-workers interact before they become a couple and how they are in the office after they get together. The third story was about an opposites attract couple who attend the same school - not really my thing, but not bad, by any means. Overall, the artwork is great and consistent, and matches the stories well. I hope we see more fun and sexy stories about grown-ups from this mangaka.
funbrillo Rating
This was a fun read and the characters were cute. I am just taking off one star because I wish the stories had been longer. The first story was cute with a long term couple stuck in a
animepie Rating
I liked this one a lot. It was sexy and the characters were stupid yet endearingly so. It was funny and genuine. It was fun to see them bicker about things. Wish we saw more of the first couple.
JMATT Rating
Great stories. This is totally worth the price with the amount of quality story you get. A lot of sex but it didn't feel too overbearing.
TheBetterStory Rating
A light, fun read. The romances are sweet and down-to-earth, the sex is consensual, and the art is cute and sketchy. A good choice if you're craving fluff that still has a decent amount of sex scenes.
biggestrebel Rating
honestly so cute, I love the art and the stories!!!! The third couple was my fave and I wish there was a little more to them, but overall super cute! All types of relationships and they're all good!!!Also the first couple is already established which I like that they were just trying to get out of their rut, it was cute. I love it all!!!
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