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alicepoe5 Rating
I thought it was creative and unique. I haven't read this type of story before and I found it very interesting. I liked the lenght of it and I think that, although a bit pricy, it was worth the money/tickets.
mariais28 Rating
I did not like this story it is not worth 8 Ticket at all it was boring I wish That I have save my tickets for something else better
legallybling Rating
Personally, I love small cute seme types so this was a delightful read. My favorite was the 2nd story though, its just sooo cute
biggestrebel Rating
*HUFFS* SMALL TOPS W BIG BOTTOMS MY FAVE!!!!!!!! really though! Both stories were cute, if a little cliche, but thats not a bad thing!!!! I love the MCs for both and im happy theyre all happy together. Lots of hot sexy scenes too woooooo!
lokie1808 Rating
I really found this story so cute and entertaining. I thought the concept, and execution, was great and the "want-to-be-seme-but-actually-uke's" reaction is priceless. I do recommend this story, if you are into this kinda story.
dramallama96 Rating
Truly, one of my favorite Authors. Can never go wrong with their work. So entertaining.
Ruruka Rating
I really enjoy manga like this! The fact that it features a more traditionally feminine top is rather nice, it's cute and there's a decent story to accompany it as well. I would recommend this to people who are looking for something different than the normal BL manga ^w^
funbrillo Rating
It was enjoyable to rent/read. I enjoyed the first story but feel it could of gone on longer so we saw even more development in their love story. The second story was so so. More of a slutty uke who is in love with a straight guy using having sex in front of him with other guys to somehow make him fall in love. I didn't enjoy that story so much. Worth renting if you are curious. I had been for a while and it was on sale so I went ahead.
somethingelsesomehow Rating
Love this author and all her works
sammy86067 Rating
This is great, if you love gap moe!
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