User Reviews For: Princess Top [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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alicepoe5 Rating
I thought it was creative and unique. I haven't read this type of story before and I found it very interesting. I liked the lenght of it and I think that, although a bit pricy, it was worth the money/tickets.
biggestrebel Rating
*HUFFS* SMALL TOPS W BIG BOTTOMS MY FAVE!!!!!!!! really though! Both stories were cute, if a little cliche, but thats not a bad thing!!!! I love the MCs for both and im happy theyre all happy together. Lots of hot sexy scenes too woooooo!
mariais28 Rating
I did not like this story it is not worth 8 Ticket at all it was boring I wish That I have save my tickets for something else better
legallybling Rating
Personally, I love small cute seme types so this was a delightful read. My favorite was the 2nd story though, its just sooo cute
lokie1808 Rating
I really found this story so cute and entertaining. I thought the concept, and execution, was great and the "want-to-be-seme-but-actually-uke's" reaction is priceless. I do recommend this story, if you are into this kinda story.
tearsofmylove Rating
This was super cute! A little different for me since I'm used to more muscular semes but it was adorable none the less. Liked the second story as well! Wish there was more!
ebookrenta043mmft88 Rating
A good read. Loved the characters~
Yokai00987 Rating
Don't know if this was a one-shot or an original but great story for a smut
peabun12 Rating
a bit expensive but great
xotai Rating
I highly enjoyed this book! The contents were funny and sexy. The art style is highly to my tastes, as well as the subject matter (buff bottoms /laughs). I seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoys any of the concepts described/shown from the sample!
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