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alicepoe5 Rating
I thought it was creative and unique. I haven't read this type of story before and I found it very interesting. I liked the lenght of it and I think that, although a bit pricy, it was worth the money/tickets.
biggestrebel Rating
*HUFFS* SMALL TOPS W BIG BOTTOMS MY FAVE!!!!!!!! really though! Both stories were cute, if a little cliche, but thats not a bad thing!!!! I love the MCs for both and im happy theyre all happy together. Lots of hot sexy scenes too woooooo!
xotai Rating
I highly enjoyed this book! The contents were funny and sexy. The art style is highly to my tastes, as well as the subject matter (buff bottoms /laughs). I seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoys any of the concepts described/shown from the sample!
ckreads Rating
This is the title that got me interested in Renta! in the first place. It's pricier than other titles, but the art and writing here is actually pretty good. It's more spicy than wholesome, but the stories progress at a standard (not rushed) pace for yaoi, with the main focus being the sex. I really enjoyed the Princess Top story, but the side story was pretty good too. Worth the purchase.
funbrillo Rating
It was enjoyable to rent/read. I enjoyed the first story but feel it could of gone on longer so we saw even more development in their love story. The second story was so so. More of a slutty uke who is in love with a straight guy using having sex in front of him with other guys to somehow make him fall in love. I didn't enjoy that story so much. Worth renting if you are curious. I had been for a while and it was on sale so I went ahead.
mariais28 Rating
I did not like this story it is not worth 8 Ticket at all it was boring I wish That I have save my tickets for something else better
legallybling Rating
Personally, I love small cute seme types so this was a delightful read. My favorite was the 2nd story though, its just sooo cute
somethingelsesomehow Rating
Love this author and all her works
smokeandlove Rating
Read this after reading Wacoco Waco's other manga Our After-Hours XXX and if you like small tops and big bottoms you'll love both. I am so glad I used my tickets for this I really enjoyed it; it's super erotic. I hope to see more works from Wacoco Waco soon!
lokie1808 Rating
I really found this story so cute and entertaining. I thought the concept, and execution, was great and the "want-to-be-seme-but-actually-uke's" reaction is priceless. I do recommend this story, if you are into this kinda story.
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