User Reviews For: Secret Love Sensation [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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lokie1808 Rating
This is so cute, and a fantastic storyline. I also like how the previous work (Family Simulation) was integrated as part of the story. It didn't feel forced at all, it was natural and plausible. I really love this - it was worth every ticket!
malcosky Rating
This probably the best stories~! The main characters and the side characters are both good. The author didn't rush for the story to finish. Worth reading~
idgal Rating
I love this book. 2 sets of cute couples. 1st story: younger teacher is dating his trainer teacher, they try to keep it secret but fail when a high school boy keeps walking in on them making out. Story 2 the said boy has a unrequited love for his childhood friend who is obvious to his feeling due to being used to see guys make out via his gay uncle and lover (read the prequel "Family situations") and cant take a hint. I love the interaction the characters have and also the younger teacher's family were great.
Argo Rating
Soooooooooo Gooooood! Now I really want to see a story where Asahi and Sora from "Family Simulation!!" find out about Masaki and Daichi! And since Kousuke already met Junta's family, it'd be nice to see Kousuke introduce Junta to his family.
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