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kleepart Rating
The story is cute, the art is good. Love a younger seme. The emotions are really well portrayed.
Taryn Rating
This is by far one of my most favorite BL/Yaoi love series. It has a great storyline, character development, humor, emotional tension, beautiful art, and satisfying resolution. I give it 5/5 and definitely recommend it. ^__^
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
I enjoyed it! It was cute and not a lot of angst (thank yaoi gods lol). Anyways, it has fluff and some sexy scenes! I recommend buying it. It's nice and simple.
biggestrebel Rating
i thought this would be mostly a sexy time but THE FEELS! i loved both characters and this story! I especially love older bottoms w a younger top! Fun good read!
cededenis Rating
Fun, little story. Worth giving it a try.
AinoKusabi Rating
It's pretty good so far. :)
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Wow, I gave this a chance since it was on sale. I totally did not expect to get sucked in and read all the chapters in one sitting. This was incredibly heartwarming, there was mystery involved, and an overall lovely story. I'm blown away. There is not much smut but my heart was so touched I didn't mind at all.
sakuramochi Rating
This was so cute! I'm glad I read this!
Guest Rating
This is a great little read the story was kind of short but they were so sweet together it made it worth it. Great story lovely art will look forward to more from this author
Nkollie Rating
Story was very cute. Interesting how the tables were turned and it was a guy getting groped and him not knowing how to handle it.
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