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theakaneko Rating
Super cute. As titled, it is all about puppy love, so only one short that has any sexy time. I really enjoyed the stories and the art.
biggestrebel Rating
This was cute but that's all it is. The main story was sweet, if not....v fast. The pacing was just weird. Like confession and then immediate time jump to them moved in w each other??? Just... off. I still thought it was cute but I'm not spending anymore to buy it.
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
It was okay, kind of regret spending tickets for the unlimited :(If reading, do the 48 hour one.
natadecoco Rating
Cute short stories, but nothing that really stands out for me. There are a few sex scenes, but nothing graphic. The first story could've been better if there was a bit more build-up rather than feeling like 'watching' a couple episodes of a rom-com in a span of 5-10 minutes, but I guess it's just me.
lokie1808 Rating
The stories were a little bit cliche but were cute and well written. I spent the 8-tickets, but, I think spending only 4 tickets for a 48hr read is plenty - 8 tickets is perhaps a bit too much. Though, it was quite cute.
GregorIAN Rating
Totally reverse positions from what I expected, but I guess I'm a fan of the guy who was mistaken as the girl as a kid topping (and they struck me as reversible), so I was a bit surprised to see the opposite was true. Anyway - a lot of shorts. A bit shallow but cute. Worth the $2 but not more.
funbrillo Rating
I give this 5 stars. I debated between this and 4 stars but it is a super cute collection of mostly one shots. I just rented it but thoroughly enjoyed it and the stories were cute and sweet. It is very low on the smut but high on the sweet fluff so don't get it for any smutty sex scenes.
morteamoureuse Rating
Really cute, fluffy stories. There's only two sex scenes and they're not very graphic. Like the title says, it's all puppy love.
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