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Nanakko Rating
Wow! Now that's a promising 1st chapter!!! Funny, horny and pretty i'm 100% buying the next chapter! <3
jesymphony Rating
tl;dr - If you're looking for a mature, realistic, almost slice-of-life 18+ het manga with great chemistry and tension between the main characters, this series is worth all your money. What makes this series stand out is the strength and realism of the characters. Rio, our heroine, seems to be your classic ditzy innocent ingenue, but what makes her stand out is that these characteristics are all part of a very believable personality rather than a lazy plot device. Rio has a lot of agency over her body and her desires, which is so refreshing to see. And in perfect contrast is our hero Fujishima, a grumpy but ultimately golden-hearted office worker that actually respects Rio's decisions (a novel trait in these types of manga). While the plot is fairly typical in terms of its progression, it's still all done with a respect for the heroine's journey that never belittles her. Highly recommended - a gold standard among 18+ manga.
lightmelody23 Rating
I absolutely love the characters! It reminds me of the Artist and the Gangster. The storyline is different, but what makes them similar are the unique main characters. They're different from the typical shy, naive female MC. I adore the main characters! This manga is great and I really wanna read more soon! Great art, great characters, and great story!
jackiejean Rating
This manga was the reason I got Renta and boy did it not disappoint! I'm so excited for the next chapter I love this!
Sg Rating
Agree with previous reviewers. Main characters are interesting, have chemistry, and are different from the usual in this genre, plus the steamy parts are hot! The last few pages left me laughing. So far a very strong first chapter and definitely going to buy the next.
ZuzuRose Rating
I LOVE this one so much!! I am impatiently waiting for chapter 8! Please we need more updates!!!!
caroline98 Rating
I really like the first few chapters. It's very entertaining but when I got to 11&12, it just went downhill. I feel so bad for the main guy. I understand that Rio's character is naive and that's very cute and funny most of the time BUT it was just a turn off for ch11&12. I do hope the situation gets better for the upcoming chapters. I atleast want to see a new character preferably a lady trying to seduce the main guy so that Rio can experience what he's experiencing right now.
Yahiko03 Rating
I'm done. The romance is getting nowhere and they are so busy focused on the other guy. Not only that, we have to wait months for another chapter to come out. This manga is overrated. It was getting good up until now
eboorenta0abi5m3j4 Rating
I'm really interested in this one. It's definitely one I'd recommend to others. The heroine is quirky and comedic. While the main male lead is a normally stoic salaryman. It's such a shame that there's only 9 chapters out in English while on the Japanese website for Renta, there's 12 already. I hope the translator didn't drop this project.
LadyFlame Rating
As I write this I've just purchased chapter 9, pretty much as soon as it was released... that's how much I love this story!! The female lead is ditzy and adorable, and the male lead is grumpy on the outside, but bittersweet like dark chocolate on the inside. Why do I say bittersweet... because he does get annoyed with the female lead when she does stupid stuff, and is being a total airhead, (I'm not saying she's stupid, she just sees the world differently, and does stuff that make you go OMG, like 'accidentally' stalking the male lead), and ends up letting out his mild S side, teasing the female lead thoroughly to completion. This also humorously lead to him being left hanging in their first encounter, when the female lead ditches him as soon as she got the data she needed!! LOL The side characters are also good... the female editor obviously cares for her writer, but every time she tries to 'help' she just seems to make matters worse, but because she is oblivious to her failures, she continues to try to do a good deed. The male editor is a really nice guy, who has been firmly 'friend-zoned' by the female lead and knows it, but still he perseveres!! It's good that he has made the male lead jealous, and aware of his feelings, but he's also the type of guy you want to see get a happy ending... just not with the female lead!! XD In short, excellent characters, good storyline, hot sex scenes, what's not to love!!