User Reviews For: Nipple Bingo -Kishiwada, A Guy with Very Sensitive Nipples-


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Scarletdollie5 Rating
I came for the sinful plot but stayed for the beautiful story. I nearly cried to one of the chapters ; v;
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I found this on another "translation" site years ago and loved it so much I bought the first volume in Japanese even though I don't read Japanese! That's how much I love this manga! It's so funny! What a hilarious premise and I love childhood friends to lovers stories so much too! And let's not forget the art folks, it's amazing! So so very pretty, even though there is like an abundance of violence throughout this manga, which just makes it that more awesome to read and look at. The characters are all so likable (even the thugs that try to mess with our main guy) and cute and sweet and even kinda pure because of how long they each harbor an innocent love for one another, even though they don't always act innocent 100% of the time, amirite ;) ? So happy that Renta has this on their site and we get to see all the shenanigans these two get into along with a few lovey dovey moments peppered in here and there to make it a well rounded story and one to come back to over and over again.
TouchTheSound Rating
I was put off by the name for so long but I finally read it and I'm so glad I did. It's a great story, it's funny and cute. I'm super impressed and can't wait to see what happens next!
Buffalo28 Rating
I love this manga. The story is good and exciting. The characters are interesting and the tension between those two is sensual and sexy. I already read it so many times and just can't get enough. One of the best yaoi i know.
chibialex Rating
Very cute and funny. I hope it has more chapters.
AinoKusabi Rating
The characters have endearing quirks and they're funny, and I also love how their relationship blossoms. Plus, the art is awesome and the story is entertaining. I hope there will be more stories from this mangaka.
Daffodils Rating
Really cute! loved it and great story as well hope to see more chapters
BlackBelle Rating
This is Yaoi perfection. Comedy, Drama, Romance, and Smut, with a little violence thrown in for good measure. I love everything about this, and can't wait for the next chapter to come out.
saynerd Rating
This was the first long term story I fell in love with here and you will JUST. WANT. MORE. The art is amazing! The story will give you all the feels... WORTH every moment!!
SemeFujoshi Rating
A fabulous manga, one of my favourites and worth the money. Kishiwada is easily one of the best ukes I've ever seen, and I've been reading yaoi forever. Andou is a perfect partner, friend and lover to him. The storyline manages to weave emotion and sweetness alongside its incredibly sexy and funny premise. I do badly need more updates and further translations, will eagerly buy them, please!
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