User Reviews For: Inherited Boyfriend. -From Now On, You're Mine-


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spiritriver Rating
I like this story so much that I had to write my first review on this site. <3 First off, the artwork is super cute. All of the characters are very nicely drawn and adorable which you can actually see in the 5-page preview. Also so far the storyline has kind of a mystery feel to it, and I'm not exactly sure which way the story is headed, but I honestly can't wait to find out. It's unique compared to a lot of stories on here and I think it's going to be very story based. Can't wait for more chapters.
HimeHime Rating
I totally love this manga, so I'm writing my first review on Renta ! There is a perfect balance between storyline and erotic scenes. The characters are well-built and very charming. In one hand, you have Ritsu, a girl who has just lost her parents and learned she's from a rich and famous family, so her life is getting more and more difficult...In another hand, you have Ren, a boy who was given to Ritsu as her inheritance, another change in her life, but a really happy one. Ritsu is a really sweet girl and Ren wants to protect her smile. The romance between them is really cute and romantic...and erotic of course ! As for the story, we don't just have the point of view of the heroine, but also Ren's point of view. There is a kind of suspense which makes you want to read the next chapter. Conclusion : I totally recommend this manga !
Renji95 Rating
I absolutely love this series! The artwork is fantastic as well as the story! I'm the kind of person who loves a good story line, held together with some steamy scenes, and this series delivers! I really like how Ren (main male) is so possessive/protective of Ritsu (main female). There are currently only 4 available to read, but I need more!! I can't wait to see how this story progresses between the two!!
Strick Rating
Maybe it's just me but I dont get it...I suppose I need to reread to understand what's going on but the scenes have so much going on it's hard to follow the storyline and I am on 8! I am confused and just trudging on, lol, cuz tho honestly I am not into this story enough to read it again, sorry but I can only muster 3 stars here
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is really good. In the beginning its a bit of a puzzle why Ren is given to Ritsu. I loved getting glimpses of his feelings for her all those years ago and how he held onto them for so long until he finally had her within his reach again. Money really is the root of all evil and her distant relatives are the worst! Her cousins are crazy manipulative. I like that Ritsu doesn't give up so easily on Ren, who can sometimes be too robot like, and loves him so much! The art is so so, but the story is what really makes this manga so addicting. Lots of turns and twists and finally getting towards a HEA. Can't wait for these two to start making babies!
kurino Rating
Holy fuck, ch 10 is heartbreaking...
dejavueyes Rating
Art is nice but the story has lots of twists.If you are wondering about steamy parts, they are good. I just binge thru this and I cannot wait for the new one.
waiwa Rating
The story is strong and so good!!I love how he obsessed to heroine.Worth to read!!Strongly recommended!!!
swimmergal1207 Rating
Absolutely one of the best series I've read on this site! Just as good if not better than Coffee Lover (another favorite)
Abcd123 Rating
I freaking loved this they are so adorable!!!! Will be reading this again and again!!!!