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MenaOk Rating
Cute first chapter. The buildup is slow but worth it. I like when there is an actual story instead of just sex. Our heroine breaks out into hives when she is near hot guys and little did she know the hero is actually a hot guy behind those glasses, lol. Last page is such a cliffhanger. I can't wait for the 2nd chapter!
Capitulate Rating
I love megane boys. Glasses always get me, so just for that this story gets a couple of stars from me. The story, though. I really like the main characters. The plot at first seems fun and a bit silly, her having an allergy to hot guys, but by chapter 4 the story takes a more serious turn when it becomes clear what caused her aversion. Then the latest chapter to date, chapter 9, ups the ante and moves this into full on psychological drama territory. Without giving too much away I'll say that there are some serious traumas from which both of the protags need healing/saving that's hinted at as early as chapter 1. I understand, but respectfully disagree with the reviews of those who feel the ninth chapter's depiction of things was too much. In the context of the entire story and even just the chapter itself, it's very clearly meant to unsettle and even upset the reader. Too often that very situation and similar ones are glorified/romanticized in soap operas and manga for men, but I don't think many people could read this as it's presented and feel very stimulated. It just feels yucky and tragic, as it should. More now than when this just felt like a fluffy, sweet romcom I want to see things work out for these characters.
Morgaleigh Rating
The male lead is a honestly the most sincere and honest character I have seen in a long time. His care and concern for her wellbeing is heartwarming. Would definitely recommend this and will happily read this series multiple times in the future.
Jinx Rating
I barely leave reviews but I just had to with this one. The main character isn't annoying as hell, in my opinion, and I think I'm in love with Taichi *swoon* He is SUCH a gentleman and a nice guy. I cannot wait for the next chapter! So expecting there to be a twist
cirnosu Rating
I'm in love with the characters, but the plot has some serious potential. I like how on one hand its so sweet but it also gets very serious. I can't wait to see how the story progresses and I really hope I will get to spend much more time with this adorable couple. The art style matches the story so well. I would totally buy these books in print just to read them forever!
I AM FREAKING OUT!!! Will he return her feelings??? How about that past??? And can someone tell me about the kid?! Hopefully will find out in the next volume!
GrimLuciel Rating
Ive been following this and super loved it for this cute and silly story. But the plot twist in the most recent chapter was sickening and's one thing to reveal what happened, but it was definitely sexualized this gross abuse that happened. I'm really disappointed.
ebookrenta02gdkkrv4 Rating
Reading the first chapters, thought this was some sweet fluff story. Then it started to get weird on chapter 8. Then the last chapter.. My heart broke on chapter 9. Like.What.The.Flying.Fuck?!? That is so messed up!
loopysheep Rating
This one is worth the money for the guy alone. For once, the guy isn't committing rape and the story isn't about dubious consent. In fact, the entire point of his character is consent. Can we PLEASE have more of this type of manga?! The girl's issue is just pure manga trope (she's literally allergic to 'hot' guys, whatever that means - hotness is much more than physical appearance, but apparently that's all it means to her psychological issue. Whatever!). It takes until Vol 11 before he trusts her enough to speak about his past and his own psychological issues, but this is so realistic that it's actually quite beautiful, if incredibly painful to read. 10/10 for the dark beauty of the main guy in this story. He is wonderfully written. The girl... well, she's clearly written as a foil to him. I hope her character growth is more than just falling in love and sticking to him no matter what. She needs more than that to be worth the read. 4/5 overall
StephieJay Rating
OMG!! I am SO invested in this series! I thought the story was so intriguing. The MC was cute and I liked her attitude about things. Then the connection she has with her boss was so cute then... WHAM!! PLOT TWIST! Then... No updates for months!!! This is the third series that I've read, gotten hooked on, and then no new volumes! What's going on! I need to know what happens!! The suspense is killing me! Please tell me the rest is coming!
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