User Reviews For: Our House: Love Trouble [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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mushrooms Rating
The art is beautiful but every plot line is glorified sexual assaults. Not my thing but if you're into dubious consent then this is the story for you.
theakaneko Rating
I'm glad it works out for the couples. Several stories have non-consentual, but the boys work it out... good art, interesting stories, not for everyone.
kawaiiusagi1111 Rating
I bought this when it came out originally in JP being a fan of Owal's art - this BL is amazing & hardcore. I feel so blessed to see it be get translated (well!!) in English ;w; TEN OUT OF TEN!
diane Rating
Love the 3 couples, all 6 of the house mates have their own characteristics and personalities. I really loved the story line and do hope there is another book soon, only because the characters are so funny and it leaves me wanting to know what else is happening with them. Just love the graphics and antics. Consent seems to be dubious, but it works for this book.
enfantqq Rating
Nonohiko is my bottom type.He soooo adorable!! >\\\<
mariais28 Rating
I give this story 5 stars because it deserve it I love the partners the sex scenes are amazing one of the best stores I have read and a long time it is so worth the tickets I can read it over and over again in the men are so sexy I love the way they draw them just beautiful
yellowdoors Rating
This story is super sexy. If your looking to get a blush going I recommend this one. The consent line is very fuzy most of the time. But it's played very well. I am upgrading from renting this to buying because it was so good
ebookrenta0otaa6h1x Rating
Very good and funny story, love it!
SadAsian Rating
I love this author! The art and story is great!
vanlee84 Rating
What a fun read! I'm happy to be able to support this author, I love the art style, the smut, and the story.
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