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rsierra321 Rating
It uses tropes seen in many Yaoi. However, it uniquely makes connections between stories and has nice development. The mangaka features a Lily of the Valley--extra brownie points there--which is highly sweet-smelling and highly poisonous. When it appears, Takao says it is wilting and later says someone brought it into the classroom. In the next story, Yuki finds the flower in his bag, which -- surprise, surprise -- was given to him by Kanda-sensei.As for the development of 'certain characters': Takao, for the obvious reasons: He hadn't his own voice, then became much more an individual when Hiroto along. Kanda-sensei, a thing I applaud him for is even though it's obviously annoying to have to listen to the person you like despair over someone else, he eases and surprises (me and) Yuki by saying, "You were and will always be... Takao's hero."Really, if you want something simple but slightly different from the average BL Slice of Life affair, then I'd definitely recommend reading this.
Dell Rating
I liked it. Honestly i liked the secong story with yuki much better, even though it was shorter than the first. Kind of wish that was the main story, or longer than it was. So overall not bad. But not my absolute fave
Two stories, and I love how one story ends and the other picks up after that. Yuki and Takao are best friends who shares a fear of darkness after a hide-n-seek event that got them locked in a dark place overnight and a day. Story one unfolds Takao's side, him breaking free from that phobia little by little with Hiroto's help, and him coming to like and feel safe with Hiroto's comforting presence. Their relationship developed at a good pace and I enjoyed seeing Takao's determination and struggles to improve himself. Story two shows us Yuki and Kanda-sensei's relationship. Kanda-sensei used Yuki's vulnerability to his advantage. I'm a bit on the fence with their relationship. Yes, Kanda's been watching Yuki but we never got anything more about Kanda's love for Yuki. That aside, I do appreciate how Yuki came to terms with his feelings about Takao, and realizing his mistake in controlling Takao and him depending on Takao. Takao's story gets 5/5, Yuki's 4/5 due to lack of romance bckground.
Lisa30 Rating
Its a very lovely story. There are actually 2 couples and I like the first one more. Its a bit short but very cute.
LMonster2 Rating
I love these two story's that are connected and the couples in both. They are super cute and adorable!
EvaMalec Rating
This story is so beautiful. The way the author describe a smiles that light up these character's life, it's very beautiful. I've read a lot of manga but this story is so special. I wish I have more of their stories but everything is just perfect for a start of a beautiful love blossoming as these characters go out on a new journey outside of their comfort zone. I love this so much!!
hushsee Rating
I really love both couples. Both of them are precious, though I have to admit I wanted more of yuki's story. A very good read, very sweet
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
The art is wonderful, the characters are unique, and the storyline is nice too! I do not understand the other reviewer who said it is trope-y because it is not. Actually many things in it are new to me in the yaoi sense. Some come close but aren't. Maybe they were confused and meant 'cliche'. Aka "You are the light in my darkness".I do have an issue 1/2 through. The storyline was great and progressing until suddenly they slammed on the gas and went from 25mph to 200mph. I think they should've taken it a little slower or at least got into their reasonings more. I LOOOOVE that there is a seme!teacher. That is rare because usually authors cop out and have the teacher be the uke. But to suddenly ramrod that pairing was nuts and should've been drawn out more. I mean if the guy is a virgin or inexperienced then wouldn't he have more issues with that at first? I need some hesitancy and build-up! I started to lose interest after that. THANK YOU for doing a seme!teacher. Seriously.
dayoune Rating
The summary is so misleading considering it makes it sound like that's the main focus. We don't even get an implication we'd have to see the very long winded lead up to yuki's rejection. I thought the preview was going to cover most of the backstory and we'd get more pages about yuki but instead we get a super cliched first story into a somewhat under developed second story (centering around yuki). I only bought it because it sounded interesting to see him recover from heartbreak but because we spent the first 100 pages wasting away on the most cliche get together we couldn't really get much development between yuki and mr kanda as yuki recovers from his first love, which would've made for a much better developed and fleshed out story in the already limited pages we have to work with. Also, the cleaning team needs to double check they're cleaning with the correct white considering some bubbles are cleaned with an off white. Can get a bit distracting for reader experience.
HorseObsessed Rating
Great story. I am disappointed that Takao & Yuki didn't get together, I hope they will in a later story. I hope they end up together, married, adopting a kid or two, & stay together. (Is that too much of a fairy tale?) Sorry I like fairy tale endings.
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