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PennyDreadful Rating
This one was okay. There were a lot of good reviews so I bought it, but I don't think it has much reread value. Nothing spectacular or special about this one, just a bit of smutty fluff. Didn't really like or hate any of the characters, they were all just...okay. the plot was a bit thin at best. In my opinion, this is a rent only, not a full purchase.
saynerd Rating
I have been waiting for this story to show up since I saw the preview tweet, and BOY does it not disappoint! The dialogue is adorable, the humor is on point, the art is pleasing to the eyes, and it is going to give you exactly what you came for (and what is in the title!). Personally, I can struggle in stories with three protagonists due to favoritism / jealousy / one sided relationships, you name it! Here I found there was no problem since all three are unique on their own and equally likable. I love finding a story where I root for all sides. I spent the points to perma-rent up front and I feel like I made the best decision possible. You will not be disappointed, only left wishing there was more!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is so worth all the monies!!!! The dialogue is on point, so fresh and funny. The art is ahhhhmazing! The trio of main characters are great, hilarious and interact perfectly together. The uke is so funny with his wild imaginations getting the better of him. Love all of the yaoi inside jokes, welcome to the fandom. Yes indeed. So good. This is something I will go back to time and time again, because it is so clever and funny and sexy! Now take the bait and get this book asap, you won't regret it! Muah! No but really it's a keeper! Oh! There's' more! The extra story at the end (an office romance) is really cute too! First time scenario. Loved it!
TheBetterStory Rating
I bought this for the threesome content promised by the cover and premise, but it's more of a love triangle (the MC sleeps with both, but it's implied he'll have to pick one in the future.) The art is nice, but the smut is neither unique nor hardcore enough to really hold your attention, or distract from the total lack of plot. Honestly, the only part I really found entertaining were the bonus comics at the end, which show the MC going through relatable fudanshi things.
satsumaages Rating
this is the 1st time i purchased a comic on Renta and... What can i say? So.friggin.good. worth every money spent!!! Ahh kinda curious of yuusuke's real feelings toward Kaname but I love this
dmitridaze Rating
It's been a while since I've been surprised but pleased with a twist ending. This was worth every penny and the extra stories at the ending were super cute. A+ rating!
HorseObsessed Rating
I thought this story was a fun to read. There's a 1-shot for $1 that is a good ending, I think. :)
578reika875 Rating
I think the characters are super cute and my face got hot basically every chapter. I wanted to read this for a while... now that I did, it did not disappoint! I totally recommend it!
CarmillaKarnstein Rating
Props to the viewer who recommended renting rather than buying. I ended up liking the bonus stories and extras more than the main plot, which I actually got bored partway through. I expected it to be more corny than hot, but I was disappointed that it wasn't even that funny, unlike other comedy yaoi like My Quiet Best Friend's Just Tongue Tied!, which made me laugh out loud. The page composition and pacing were sometimes confusing too. I've satisfied my curiosity but wouldn't recommend to others.
Weebinahood Rating
Both stories were really funny, got a good laugh from them. Hope to see more from this mangaka sometime :)
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