User Reviews For: A Gangster in Drag -Filled with the Boss's Desires-


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Jessy Rating
Great story. Great art. Great sex
Flyaway Rating
I really liked the story. The Male Lead is so handsome and such a good lover plus a teaser! The girl is tough and courageous. Both, the male and the female leads are adorable, the hot scenes are enjoyable, the story plot is really interesting.That's being said, I am pissed it ended too fast, this story had the potential for more! Too bad, they ended it too soon!But the ending was so cute :)
mangamartha Rating
It's a Yakuza love story with a gender-bending twist. Decent plot / storyline but needed a couple of volumes to develop the story better. This one hit several of my sweet spots -- a bad boy male lead who nonetheless is respectful and protective of his woman and prioritizes and delights in her pleasure in sex, a strong female lead with agency and control over her own destiny and choices in life, and in full possession of a brain which is always crucial to me as a reader in a female lead. The sex was good if brief and not very detailed. The Yakuza boss and bodyguard dynamic adds a bit of Master and Servant BDSM role play dynamics but it is essentially a sweet vanilla love story with plot. Strong female lead, strong male lead. Good chemistry between them. They have female pleasure focused sexual encounters that are hot and good if nowhere near explicit enough. The male is charismatic and charming. The female is smart, brave, makes her own decisions and lives with the consequences of her choices in life -- I really liked her. I recommend it. As another reviewer noted, the ending is a bit rushed and wrapped up rather neatly with a bow, but I do not regret this as a purchase at all. In fact I purchased it again as a paperback from a Japanese retailer after reading it here. It was a quick and enjoyable read with great art and good sex. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to read more by this author, 篌
Yahiko03 Rating
Wow, the male MC is GORGEOUS!!! Lucky girl
Blluevaz Rating
Overall a really good read. If I could I'd give it 4.5 stars. The only flaw was a slight pacing issue, but there was no convoluted plot, the characters weren't too cliche and I was genuinely rooting for most of the characters. I like the take on modern yakuza (violence isn't as popular as it used to be bc it's not profitable) and the joke about the cats near the end was a funny nudge. Would say it's a good inexpensive read you won't regret.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I wasn't so sure about this at first. I didn't really like that the boss' orders were making her submit to him, I didn't think I would care too much for that. But I couldn't stop reading! The art is really clean and easy to understand plot. There wasn't a lot of action, but there was a lot of intrigue and "who's done it ?" twists. Also, I'm a sucker for stories where the H doesn't parade around other women in front of the h, cause that's just mean! I loved that there wasn't any OW drama and that the H was the one who was getting jealous and possessive over the h. The H was all in all a good guy in an unsavory world and the h was strong and stubborn and determined to find her brother at all costs. So happy that they all get a HEA. I'll probably re-read this one again.
StreetUrchin Rating
Three, I want to say four. The potential was lost and wrapped up in a neat little bow.
BabyElf Rating
Great storyline! And strong female lead! I really wonder how the story will come out next
TheLazyGamer Rating
Omg I wish there was more! Great story, definitely one of the best I've ever read :)
ebookrenta0wbifnylw Rating
I wantttt morree
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