User Reviews For: A Gangster in Drag -Filled with the Boss's Desires-


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Jessy Rating
Great story. Great art. Great sex
Flyaway Rating
I really liked the story. The Male Lead is so handsome and such a good lover plus a teaser! The girl is tough and courageous. Both, the male and the female leads are adorable, the hot scenes are enjoyable, the story plot is really interesting.That's being said, I am pissed it ended too fast, this story had the potential for more! Too bad, they ended it too soon!But the ending was so cute :)
Yahiko03 Rating
Wow, the male MC is GORGEOUS!!! Lucky girl
mangamartha Rating
BabyElf Rating
Great storyline! And strong female lead! I really wonder how the story will come out next
SweetHavoc25 Rating
That was fantastic! Really well done and the sex was amazing! Loved it.
vronmau Rating
Good stiry, sex was wow...all in all really good
yumyumRamen Rating
I always wanted to read a mafia or gang related stories it's pretty good lol
Abcxyz123 Rating
Glad had purchased it
tiguerrero Rating
All there's to say it that I loved it. The art work as well as the story line are great. I recommend!!
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