User Reviews For: Gender-Swap at the Delinquent Academy -He's Trying to Get My First Time!-


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Naner Rating
This comic does not disappoint, I've read the whole series and it has so many strong points and so many feels. The main is so cute you can't help but to admire him/her. The love interest is wild but he definitely matures and becomes a dependable and sweet lover. The side Characters are also great, they got so many lolz.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
After reading the first chapter I was so gone for this series. It's lol funny, plenty of steamy scenes, two very likable MCs and an interesting plot and enjoyable story. Torao is so cute! Didn't really get to know him to much as a boy, but as a new girl it's nothing but one funny moment to the next as he learns what it means to be in his new body and what his true feelings for Ryo are. Maybe not so much as enemies, but something more? I hate womanizers, who doesn't? But like that saying, the bigger they are the harder they fall and boy did Ryo fall hard for our little scrappy, plucky heroine (hero in disguise?). Love that even though he is a big time player, he confesses to Torao that he was always looking for the "one" and now he's found her. So kawaii! And I'm loving how each new chapter he is proving how devoted and changed he is all for Torao. No pressure right? Oh the misunderstandings and shenanigans this one gets into, hilarious! I think this has something for everyone to love!
Ryu Rating
THANK YOU RENTA FOR PICKING THIS MANGA UP!!!! I discovered it incomplete over a year ago and wrote Renta that I would buy every chapter if they would pick this manga up, AND I WILL KEEP THIS VOW! Very sexy and funny gender swap, this is absolutely my cup of tea and recommend it very highly!
peccare Rating
I'm not usually into gender bender because it's disconcerting for my taste. But the MC Torao is just so pure and sincere, while the ML Ryohei is also a straightforward and a no-nonsense guy that they are such a perfect compatibility as a couple. I'm just hoping that Torao would stay a woman so Ryohei could get his happy ending.
cottonwool13 Rating
Love this manga; it's the original manga to get me into ebook Renta. Just wish it would be updated soon!
mlxiong10 Rating
This is so interesting! The drawings are good, the sexy scenes are fun, and it also makes you laugh and feel good inside. Definitely a good read??
Strick Rating
Take away the gender swap which makes no sense and it's a pretty good story. I read all chapters and cant wait for more. The guy is really cute and cool and the girl/guy really makes a great couple
sasaraRH Rating
This is an interesting and addictive series. After the first few chapters I was hooked. I kept wanting to read more and more and the sex scenes dont disappoint. The art style is great, and thus far I love the way the plot is progressing, however I only wish that the main guy be a bit more curious of Taroa. (Just for my sake) as that would make things progress so much further and make things way more interesting than they already are. Anyway I recommend this, and I just wish they update it more frequently and with a lot more chapters as I need this so much that I didn't realize. Its that addicting to read.
mika Rating
The manga is well drawn and the story and characters are pretty cute and likable.I really like how Toro(k)a develops as a character and gets used to certain things as time goes on.What annoys me a little is the great amount of sex scenes tho. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against sex being shown and it certainly is well drawn, but it sometimes feels like there is very little interaction between the main two characters besides the sex which is a little repetitive and frustrating after a while.Another annoying fact is that it often feels like there is lots for filler material and the story is kinda stagnating.Even tho these aspects kinda annoy me I'm still really enjoying the series so far and want to see more. It's adorable how clumsy they both are and Tora still can't fully admit her/his feelings.On a sidenote: Tora seems to have really awesome friends. They still accept her as their friend and treat her like before. (Same as her dad)Can recommend reading it :)
ebookrenta0q193d1xx Rating
My favorite manga and a long time. I keep rereading it while waiting for the new chapter. I just can't wait for more.