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PennyDreadful Rating
OMG I loved it. I love this author. She writes with a bit of kink, this one deals with kinbaku-bi rope bondage just a little. The story is touching and the art beautiful. This story directly related to her earlier publication on Renta, Bodysuit Fetish, which I also highly recommend. Yamasaki Sensei is one of my favorite authors on this site. Cannot recommend either book enough.
pewpew Rating
These characters are from Body Suit Fetish! They were the club members/friends in the last one, but now they have their own story! This story definitely took me on a fun ride! I really enjoyed the first story, so I had really high expectations of this one! It definitely met it all the way. Although I will point out that it isn't as strong as Body Suit Fetish, but I still feel that the quality of the author's writing and drawings are still superb and worth the money.
biggestrebel Rating
Uuuughhhh I loved this so much!!!!! I was totally hoping for this during part 1 and I'm soooooo happy sensei went w this!!!! Worth every dollar/point!!!While it dragged out more than I usually like, the climax (ahem...) was well worth it!And being able to see toma and yuji again was nice!!!!
animepie Rating
I just finished rereading Bodysuit Fetish and then found this had been added. Words cannot express the blessing bestowed on me today. I bought it right away. And the story was amazing. I do love mutual gratuitous pining. I love the way the author brings fetishes into the story and gives it such understanding and such sexiness. I love the main couple so much and also the appearances of the previous couple. If the photography duo also get their own story, I will be so elated. I really liked them too.
Daekin Rating
I love this author's work. This one got me excited and giggly for the main couple; I just had so much fun reading it.
Hikaru40356 Rating
I loved this the characters was done really well
zoeyzoeyzoey Rating
This manga is really good, but I expected that after reading Uni Yamasaki's other manga, Bodysuit Fetish. If I had to choose which is my fav, I'd definitely pick Bodysuit Fetish, but this manga is quite good as well. I really would have liked to see Kyoichi's bondage fetish explored once he and Umi got together, and I actually expected to see a scene where Umi tied Kyoichi up. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Still it's quite hot. Glad I bought it.
jazminQroz Rating
I loved the art work and story. It is a bit cliche in that two people like each other without noticing each other's feelings but the author made it work with good character development. Even secondary characters in the story have a purpose rather than just antagonizing. Definitely recommend as a great read.
fionav3 Rating
DEFINITELY a kink manga, but still worth a read. I liked the characters, the story was fun in parts, and the art was nice. I think I prefer bodysuit fetish though.
illusen256 Rating
I really enjoyed it! Yamasaki-sensei's first work, Bodysuit Fetish, is one of my all time favorite yaoi mangas. This one seemed a little more rushed, but still a good read.
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