User Reviews For: Clumsy Love -Secret Cohabitation with a Younger Guy-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
The art is good, but not my favorite, the girl looks sloppy. The title is very accurate, both MCs are extremely clumsy in expressing themselves, in the fact of not being able to express themselves at all. How she ends up barefoot in the rain we never find out (not in this chapter at least) and asks the H if she can stay with him for a few days. Say what? It's too much too fast and there isn't enough backstory. Probably shouldn't review this one until a few more chapters to get more of a feel for this, but after reading this I was a bit upset with where this may or may not be going. Very immature, akward characters. Hopefully they redeem themselves as this goes on.
deatheatercharlie Rating
A good series! It's a bit expensive if your looking for something serious. Its mainly just a fluffy love between a young man and an 25 year old woman. Because of her attractive looks she is a victim of a stalker so she ends up at his coworkers house. Then the fluff begins.
Shathisaperera Rating
I'm excited to know further about this story!
eeeeeeeeeee Rating
Art is cute. Off to a good start but if you're uncomfortable with the typical nonconsensual first experience you might want to skip the first chapter.
Sighz Rating
Great read. Characters that have a past & flaws. Bit of a trigger warning ?? in there. The art, story, & smut are well done. I'd recommend it.
EverBLUE Rating
Nice I like this story...the drawing of characters was nice too..
Risuna Rating
I enjoyed it for what it was & even cried a bit at the end - it's a sweet love story with a few spicy elements to it & a happy ending
DarthKristinous Rating
Super cute story. Wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.
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