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hainekko Rating
OH MY GOSH, this has to be one my favorite manga on this site! I was hesitant to purchase this because even for an anthology, $8.00 is pretty pricey. BUT IT'S SO WORTH IT! The art is gorgeous and really well-done, the sex is steamy, and a certain work-around for the censoring issue was actually a bit of a surprise! ;) The stories are very cute and wrap up pretty nicely; they could be longer but it's not as if it's super abrupt like some manga on here. I actually laughed a lot while reading this! I found it refreshing how the manga-ka wrote the male characters. A lot of them embraced a more feminine side to themselves (at least I think I am wording my thoughts correctly) and I enjoyed it a lot! The female characters were also written well (not annoying or weak), and at some points took the lead sexually which I do enjoy seeing in manga like this. I hope they bring more of this manga-ka's work if there is more. Her blurbs in the extra was too funny! Overall, definitely worth the price!
kyokobaby Rating
Oh, this was good. I love how the author drew boobs and butts and legs and the poses...! There's also some great scenes of dudes in underwear. The characters were on the realistic side, in a good way, and I enjoyed the dialog during sex especially. It's always a treat when characters talk candidly about what they like and what they want. I'll definitely be rereading this in the future.
laniaash Rating
It's here! I've been eyeing this manga since I've seen it in the Japanese Renta website. I love Mana Aizen's art! I love her characters! It's refreshing to see the heroines not being shy about sex. I love the couple of the first story especially. Definitely recommend it.
maquila Rating
This was amazing! The art was good, each story was fast paced but not quick enough you felt lost or like major things were skipped - and honestly, I really really loved the heroines. I also really liked the lack of non-con, and the girls actually got into it - they were all active participants in each part!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
So good! So many funny and smexy moments throughout. I loved the art, it was stylish and clean and just made the entire manga that much better. Each story was perfect! I loved all the couples, all so different and at different stages in life so each one was interesting and not a recycled version of the one before it. I loved how there were so-true to life moments in each couple even though it was manga. The smexy moments seemed on point as well as the connections between each couple seemed to be realistic. And back to those smexy moments, just wow! This mangaka didn't hold back! It was great! With the beautiful art, realistic characters and dialogue it was the best I've ever read! The bunny outfits at the end reminded me of this one yaoi manga I read years ago and I've been a fan ever since, so this was not a miss for me. I loved how the women were just as into smexy times, if not more, than the fellas were. Definitely something I will come back to over and over again!
heyobromo Rating
I never thought I'd find a book that would hit all the bull's-eyes!!!! Seriously, this was an incredibly well done manga, and the author does a great job catering to the female fantasy. If you're tired with the usual submissive female leads acting like frozen tunas during the sex scenes, this is the manga for you. The main characters actually look like they have a personality and common sense, and the guys don't come off as creepy with a bordering love/power obsession. Ever wondered what people meant by "consent is SEXY?" Then please read this. The stories are fun too, even though they're very simple. Heck, I'd even go on to say that the sex scenes wouldn't nearly be as sexy if you didn't have the context of the story (and believe me, those scenes are very steamy~).It's $8, yes, but it's pretty darn worth it. I'm not even mad. The author knew what she was doing and understands a maiden's love for men's cute butt cheeks and soft nipples. That is something worth throwing money at.
Dmanemone Rating
All the stories are super sexy and cute ?
KiruChan62286 Rating
I enjoy these stories so much that i have read this comic more than once. There are just some pictures that some comics have that just stick in my mind when i am listening to audiobooks and in this comic the 2 pics at the bottom of page 37 are 2 such examples!!! they are just such beautifully drawn images that i feel they deserve their own page all their own!!!!!
DazedJester Rating
This is the best manga anthology I've ever read. Her art style is wonderful and the characters are all happily consenting to sex. It's just such an enjoyable read. I have read this many times over and will probably read it many times again.
silk Rating
This was adorable. All the couples are cute, the women are well-written and refreshing, and the art is great. The stories are very positive and have some nice emotion. I'd definitely be interested in reading more from this author/artist.
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