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jackiejean Rating
Totally worth the money! The art is amazing and beautiful and the men are actually drawn really well! It has great pacing and nothing felt rushed. Every story was unique and had great couples. Totally recommend this great read!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
YAS!! There are not enough chubby girl stories on this site, so I am so happy this was translated for my viewing and reading pleasure. What a treat it was! This was pretty good. Art is gorgeous! Each story was cute, fun, heartwarming and steamy. Boy did it get steamy. Those love scenes were hot! Ice water, STAT! Phew! The first story about Mayu and Ryo was super sweet, liked that Mayu wasn't all Debbie downer about her weight, she just wanted to feel her best, very realistic. Loved that Ryo was supportive either way, as long as his girl was happy, he was happy. But he didn't mind helping her work out, if you know what I mean ;) The story about the rich girl and bad boy was a great addition as well, had its own HEA vibe to it as well. The last story about the renta-boyfriend was a bit bittersweet, but hopeful too. Kinda wanted it to be all about the first couple and even though the other girls weren't chubby, everything was enjoyable and I'll be re-reading this one again for sure!
momojinxie Rating
All the stories are so cute but the last one is my fave although it's bittersweet and definitely leaves you craving more
Simsimkiki Rating
The main story is cute and the sides are entertaining. The last story was good and I would love it if it had it's own series too.
Aquatic9 Rating
This was a really cute story with really sexy moments as well! Definitely worth the price since you get more than 3 stories and since there are 3x as many sex scenes as other stories you would read on this site. Major kudos for body positivity and for health attitudes towards weight gain/loss in the main story.The main story involves office coworkers who share of love of sweets, the second is a
kitro Rating
The main story is super cute (and I love the chubby love!) and the couple are perfect, it's a fun and sexy little story. The others are good too, but I'm happy with the first story well.enough the others are just fun bonuses.
KinkyWaffle Rating
The art is GORGEOUS, as a plus, this is very obviously a serialized mangaka. But...The plots and intimate scenes are ridiculously rushed. The assault in the second story was also just so weird and out of place, and already 1 page later she is kissing her bf. Just made me very uncomfortable. Hiring an escort for your family member is also very incesty imo. I liked the story about the chubby girl and her sweets-loving bf most, though their attitude about her not being as attractive to other people when she was like...15lbs heavier was pretty rude, but made sense for a Japanese publication... Not happy I paid $8 but I did like most of it.
ebookrenta0uf5ojfzy Rating
Pretty good.
spookymochi Rating
Loved these stories! All of them are really cute and the art style is really well done. I hope the author creates more content about the last couple!
goob Rating
So worth it! There are multiple plots so its nice to see the different stories. The storylines are well thought out. The author's comments show the thought and care put into theses stories
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