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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love omega-verse!!! But this was sorely lacking in all departments. The art isn't really my favorite, but it's still pretty good. The storyline is all over the place and I don't understand the main protagonist whatsoever. How can he have zero knowledge about what he is? Not feeling this story whatsoever. I don't even feel anything while reading this except confusion. I'll pass on the next chapter, sadly.
FistFullOfDollars Rating
I'm confused by all the reviews that say no smut - maybe they on,y read the first volume. This is a short but sweet two-shot that I think deserves a bit more credit then people are giving. Kind seme and cutie pie uke.
idgal Rating
Finally, a real official licensed omegaverse yaoi!This is a part one of 2 short.Honestly, it was not really special and no xxx scene for this type of genue.Hoping renta brings better omegaverse stories later thats has more plot.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
Lol the title really draws you in. . . and you expect something really nice n' smutty and it's totally not. Just a tad smutty.That being said it's still interesting just not like title suggested heh heh. It's a good read though. I'm still gonna read the rest of the book cause it's still interesting
retardedapplejuice Rating
**Contains smut. This wasn't a good omegaverse title, in my opinion. The main protagonists have barely any proper introduction/brief backstory. It's like they accidentally fell into this story. The progression is a bit spotty, in the sense that scenes don't transition well so it can be confusing while reading this. All that confusion definitely dampens the reaction for the sex scenes which also feel rushed and bland. The 2 chapters probably would've been better off cut into a oneshot.
Mamitadolls Rating
Cute and quick! Niito is a super geek loner that works from home. But just like any collector, it doesn't matter he is an omega, he's going to brave the outside world to go purchase the new released figure! And because this is how he is the story reads in the same manner: all over the place with assumptions. Sexy times are implied in Vol. 1, full on smut Vol. 2 with and almost rape scene but not by the main Alpha.
opippy77 Rating
MEH.... No smut. & the story kinda jumps around, so it's a little hard to tell if something is happening a bit later than the panel before it. kinda disjointed in that way... but yea, mostly, no smut. It's a shame, really, because i feel like this could have been a really good little story...
Salazark Rating
So cute. He likes him
Aylin Rating
A cute alpha and omega story, I love the fact that ones an otaku it's the best.
ebookrenta096u5agxe Rating
I think that it is adorable that they became mates just because Niito wanted to get rid of the alphas that were after him and am hoping for another one in the works to find out what happened!!
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