User Reviews For: I Can't Help But Love Him. [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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cohen5483 Rating
Fun story. Ultimately, these two make a stupid couple and who doesn't love a stupid couple every so often. The female lead has a suit fetish basically has the male lead wrapped around her finger without realizing all too much so he's always the one after her. Not a crazy amount of smit but enough to keep the story going. It's also refreshing to see such a strong female lead - she's nothing like your typical cutesy girl who may be weak, emotional or damsel in distress. She takes no *poop* from anyone and it was probably what made the male lead fall for her.
I am genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It's one of those no-nonsense or crazy plot twists kind of Love story. With a little twist considering that it's pretty hilarious that this woman has such a fetish for suits. Both characters are very likeable and not like a generic type of sweetheart a girl and tough good guy. you have a strong straightforward woman and a man who appear strong on the outside but soft. Very cute I would definitely buy this.
valiantmuffin Rating
This quickly became one of my favorites! Sako is a cool heroine and I appreciate her strong nature, she doesn't get pushed around. It's really fun to see her dynamic with Eiji. I didn't expect him to so easily show an "uncool" side, it's so refreshing! He's also aware when he's overstepped with Sako and apologies.This was a straight-forward but fun story!
Jedirenagade Rating
This story is funny, sexy and down to earth. The female MC isn't a complete idiot and the male MC is the right amount of cute. I like the art but the story is so good! One to be reread several times!
seishoku Rating
I love this! One of my favorites. The heroine is really proactive (in the relationship and in bed) and the gap moe that the male lead has is the best. Just a stupid couple being cute.
NMAT64 Rating
I like that the women takes charges when it comes to sex. Shows a very confident women. Unlike the blushing wallflower in most of these stories. and basically has the guy running after her.
esp13 Rating
this is a great comic! i love the female protag, she's so quirky and badass!
Jenangelx3 Rating
It's funny and cute. More comedy and romance than sexy, but it's got a great main character and a cute premise
Slewis1991 Rating
I loved this story so much!!! It was such a cute story with plenty of humor and lots of hot moments too. ;) I'll definitely read this one again and again.
Risuna Rating
This manga is amazing! It's funny, I love how different & refreshing the characters are compared to the other manga on this site. The male mc is adorable & I love how the female mc takes charge! This is totally worth the tickets & I highly recommend!
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