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PennyDreadful Rating
I'm a fan of BDSM, so this one was right in my wheelhouse. The characters are cute and sweet, the pacing of both stories in this compilation seemed right on point. I liked the art, and the seme's face in the first story when he was tied up? Mmmm.
kleepart Rating
Ah this is such a good one! It does better than most yaoi manga at delving into the dynamic of BDSM (not that I'm a real pro) and the way their relationship works with that. The art is great, the characters are fun, and the smut is awesome. No minuses here.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love mangaka Haruno!!! Her art is beautiful and her characters are always a bit eccentric, but have a lot of sweetness to them as well. Tomoki and Rihito are coworkers that finally take things where you can never go back! Loved that Rihito was a true masochist and Tomoki had a natural dom vibe, but too in love to ever truly hurt Rihito, but he had a switch!! Loved the progression of their relationship. Also loved the side story of childhood friends, one a simpleton and the other a total liar, super cute!!! Loved this!!!
fandomnightmare Rating
Wow. This was... Wow. The scenes of the main character being tied up were so hot and sensual. I'm in awe. One chapter has a scene involving piss, but trust me, I'd usually be turned off by that but I loved it here. It's not framed in a gross way. I'd love a spin off about the rope master too, he's a gorgeous bisexual man who I'm sure has a very interesting life. The second story about the childhood friends was hot too.
syntaxerror Rating
The heterosexual thirty-something salaryman Rihito is a extreme masochist, which turns women off. So he asks his gay coworker Tomoki to try tying him up! There's a nice comic premise: Tomoki is a laid-back software developer who isn't a dom naturally but turns into one when he's angry or jealous about Tomoki. So Rihito has to cook up schemes to purposefully provoke Tomoki! The dialogue writing is snappy, and Haruno Narita has a way of nailing facial expressions, even complicated and ambiguous ones, that make the characters come to life. Excellent chemistry and excellent comedy make for one of my favorite manga on this site.
wascallywabbit12 Rating
Oh my gosh I love this so much. I love the BDSM stuff and the art is just amazing. Plus they are adults so even better! I want more !
KingOfK3arts Rating
Hello readers!!! The reason why I'm writing this review to to let everyone know that the bdsm is CONSEUAL!!! I was reading the reviews and I didn't see anyone else mention it so I took a chance and the s*x scenes were great and both parties agreed to it!!! Anyway the plot is amazing I love the art and I finally found a bdsm story where everyone wanted and enjoyed it and I'm super happy.
ricecakes Rating
I love these characters! Rihito and Tomoki have such a funny dynamic, and I really like how they're buddies--their love is something playful and comfortable, and not earth-shattering and overdramatic. Such a refreshing pairing, and the art style is super refreshing too.
anonmaly Rating
Excellent smutty story about a sweet gay guy×the straight masochist he's in love with. I really love the comfortably art where the men actually look like men and the exploration into bdsm for fun. The story is very light hearted overall and considering the trend in Yaoi, the main story surprisingly does NOT contain questionable consent. Yes, you read that right, everyone in the story clearly consented to all sexual acts! Surprise! Great story for the light bdsm inclined although I do wish there was a bit more smut (don't worry, there's a bit of smut in each chapter but I just wish there was moar). Also contains a short side story with some somniphilia themes (might question some of the consent there because sleeping person...)
englolo Rating
The issues I had with a lot of stories about BDSM are with consent, but luckily that's not an issue here! With an uke that loves to be tied up and a seme that gives in to his wishes, it was nice to see a more balanced dynamic between the two characters in the relationship. The different methods of bondage were so well-drawn that it makes me want to learn it haha The short story starts off in a dub-con kind of way (at least in my perspective) but it's nonetheless short and sweet. I hope Sensei draws more because I absolutely love the art style!
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