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SaraN Rating
A fun collection of stories. The main story jumps right in. No subtlety whatsoever. Just pure, smutty, lighthearted fun with basically no drama. It's also the longest. I loved it. Most of the stories are the same, but there was a dark back story for a character in the second story. It's not very detailed (I think it's covered in one to two pages) but TRIGGER WARNING for family and sexual assault. The stories are all good and happy, and the art is great. Everybody's cute and blushing. I do wish some of the one shots had been longer to better see the couples after they got together, but still worth the buy IMO.
funbrillo Rating
This is a great read. It was worth the purchase and I would re-read it. The main couple were sweet and I love how their story concludes. I have not seen it happen this way in a yaoi story before. Also, the one shots were great. It would have been nice if we got more on those as well but they didn't feel like they left you hanging. I think I especially like the story of the high school boys. That one had a nice twist to it.
Shiichan Rating
HOT NIPPLE PLAY brings peace to the wolrd!!!
HorseObsessed Rating
I'm not a fan of non con, so the two stories with that were harder for me to get through. That being said, the one with the darker tone could've/should've been longer. This would've given Segawa & us a better understanding of "Cats" life up to the point when they meet. There's so much more that could be written about here, I think this would be a good story on it's own. Next story- Where/why are the police never called in stories of this kind!?Granted the student comes off as a delinquent, which is later discovered. He doesn't start any fights but he'll finish them. I don't like how the teacher threatened him to get what he wanted, though. "Neverdays" was very good. The time travel twist is unique & suprising. This is my 2nd favorite. Artwork- very nicely done. The characters are'nt cookie cutter, you can see that they're different characters & not looking at the same characters in all the stories but with different names/lives. This is a very good read.
Kerals950 Rating
Two middle stories have squicky parts (non con af) but the main story is bae.
StreetUrchin Rating
All the stories are pretty good. A couple were too short. So I took a star. If they were longer and allowed a few more details...oh well.
LMonster2 Rating
I enjoyed the stories in this book. Not only is the artwork AMAZING, but the characters are so fun, cute, and super adorable together. I wish that we could have seen more of them personally but I don't think you will regret getting this book.
Reddbone561 Rating
I really enjoyed your story; I about turn to mush reading the last side story! He went back in time to get the love of his life back and say what he been holding back
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