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Heavenzfiend Rating
I absolutely loved this story!! Both the characters are endearing and it is wrapped up so nicely and completely. It's sexy and cute and has the whole package without unnecessary drama.
cohen5483 Rating
This is probably one of the more "complete" stories where all loose ends were virtually tied and somehow that's extremely satisfying. Story's pretty standard - the main girl's pretty innocent but gets push into a corner due debt and attempts being a call girl at the place who the main guy manages. He tries keeping her out of it all but at the same time to himself and teaching her lots of things... plus it's cute how he dotes on her. Also, artwork is beautiful.
baekmari Rating
Super cute story, the way the author finishes each chapter leaves you wanting to read the next one. Totally worth the buy with a good story line, no unnecessary rivals,backstories, or unapproving mother in law
loopysheep Rating
Really sweet and satisfying. All the elements wrapped up well. Pretty artwork.
Honeydoll Rating
Great read with just the right amount of spice and humour.
ssmiles Rating
My favorite story. The main guy is so sweet.
initialdi15 Rating
One of my favorite purchase. Romantic, interesting plot with addition of smut scenes. Both male and female lead are likable. Totally recommended
DWCorvid Rating
I loved this title! The heroine is a little silly but earnest and smart. she's the kind of girl you'd want to be a friend of yours and not the typical pushover you sometimes see what these types of romances. The male lead isn't overly sadistic or cruel he's just forthright and a really caring person. I wish I could read more about this couple it really made me laugh and smile.
HKakashi Rating
It is a nice, romantic and completed story. I really like the plot.
Flyaway Rating
One of the best love stories on this website. It feels so realistic, yet very enchanting. The hot scenes are really nice, but what makes this manga great is how compatible the two characters are. You just look at them and you want them to end up together because they are perfect to each other. The guy looks great and acts like a gentleman since day 1 and the girl is cute, so naive, but not stupid and she is so honest and brave! She is never afraid to tell what is in her heart! They guy is always there for her and supporting her!Perfect relationship. I loved her sister as well. I understand their sisterly love! I would do all I can for my older sister and I believe she would as well. He brother is goofy but likeable Haha. I recommend you read amazing manga and beautiful art! This is a feel.good manga
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