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cohen5483 Rating
This is pretty friggin good and well worth the price in my personal opinion. It's a compilation of 6 stories and it felt like I was reading on forever - it was great. They were all a bunch of feel-good stories and when I say stories, they're actually stories - complete and without holes and pretty realistic; not one of those where the plot revolves around sex and only sex. The couples are so friggin cute too and I swear there was at least one line or piece of dialog in each chapter that cracked me up. Story 1 is as stated. Story 2 is about two childhood friends who've been together almost all their lives but the girl is completely oblivious to her friends' feelings.Story 3 is about a girl going to a company matchmaking party and invites a co-worker to fill-in the last spot but left out the detail it was a "group" party.Story 4 is a fun one. The school nurse has a fetish for boy's school uniforms and encounters the music teacher who has a fetish for girl's school uniforms.Story 5 is about a fashionable girl who starts working at a maid cafe full of cutesy girls and has to change herself (for the better) in order to be successful at her job with the help of her manager.Story 6 is about a girl that's never fallen in love with so she rejects everyone who's ever confessed to her until recently when she's asked to have a one-month trial period.My favorites were story 3 and 4.
antiem Rating
Awesome romance stories that you won't regret buying. The art is great, the stories are great and the smut is tasteful, not explicit. If you are okay with that, these stories are for you.
HorseObsessed Rating
I Love all of these stories in this book!??
CieL Rating
Awesome! Didn't regret purchase it (even more while discount). All stories are great, not too rush or hanging. Art great too (although some zoom part feel a bit random), quite smut a lot & heart throbbing. Mostly I love 'Love Sick Puppies' and 'Let's Play Cosplay'. Could read it again whatever I missed it~ super happy!
toogoodtobetrue Rating
The stories are simple and cute. The one I like is the teacher couple
hempress Rating
sweet, funny, and all great stories! great value!
CRUSH Rating
This has some sweet moments and the initial story ideas were all pretty interesting, but overall they felt a bit rushed with a lot of lost potential. Some of these had some problematic moments too that made it difficult for me to give this a higher rating. Was it worth the price? Maybe, certainly a better value than buying each individual book on their own.
Bunnyhop Rating
The best collection I've read yet. The art is amazing!
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